General Election 2019 promises to be anything but boring.

Whilst Nigel Farage waits to hear back from Boris Johnson about a Brexit Party/Conservative alliance, a new agreement has been put into place by parties on the other side of the Brexit divide. Meanwhile, the Conservatives are playing student with a crucial report.

Summarised neatly as ‘The Welsh Pact’ by this author, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Greens have agreed to a tactical voting strategy in which there will be at least one Remain candidate in each constituency in Wales. As part of this, certain parties will not field candidates in constituencies that they are least likely to win.

This is an important move. It demonstrates that after a period of disunion between the Liberal Democrats and Labour, that there is some degree of coalition. Furthermore, it marks the first move made to win back a nation that voted Leave in the 2016 Referendum by a margin of 52.7 per cent to 47.5 per cent.

But that’s not the only news. Oh no, the Conservatives have delayed the release of a report that investigates the degree to which Russia may or may not have interfered with the thus mentioned referendum result.

According to a result article in The Guardian the report was meant to have been released on Tuesday, but at the last minute the government has decided not to clear it. They claim that the six-week gestation period has not elapsed; this is disputed by Dominic Grieve who claims that just ten working days are required.

This is not a surprising move by a Conservative that came under fire recently because it has been discovered that Dominic Cummings, the brains behind the Leave campaign, has links to Russia. Therefore, any report that highlights the likelihood of Russian involvement will have a negative effect on the Conservative election campaign.

But who’s to say that the wider public at large will care? It would not be the first time in history that Joe public has carried on their support for a party who, to be overtly colloquial, ‘is a bit dodgy’. Ignorance is bliss and, in some cases, people will remain ignorant even if they’re given the olive branch of knowledge to cling on to.

Truth be told, it’s something we’re all guilty of, but that doesn’t make it any more excusable. It’s why in this election there should be a determined effort, at least by the pro-EU parties, to inform as well as persuade potential swing voters.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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