Let’s take a look why the humble smartphone has become such a behemoth of the modern world.

The best smartphones in the world might have been developed by older people, but they have only become popular because of the youth. For instance, selfie cameras only exist because the youth like to take pictures of themselves, their friends and show the world what it is they’re doing. You can’t see an older person doing the same, often finding it annoying that they can’t take a picture of their face and show where they are. You can’t see someone in their 60s being upset because they can’t take a photo of themselves trying on different outfits at a clothing store.

In the above instances, the selfie camera has undeniably helped other industries become more popular. Everybody wants to be seen and heard, thus the smartphone has adapted to service these new needs. But this is just the tip of the iceberg because, in fact, smartphone design is being forced to contemplate what the younger consumer will want in the future. That’s why you should pay more attention to the way smartphones are impacting youth culture around the world. You’re watching the future develop before your eyes.

Smartphones and knowledge

If millennials grew up in the wondrous age of information, the younger generation is growing up in the age of knowledge. Nowadays, smartphones are a window into not just information but education. For example, knowledge and learning businesses like Masterclass, Great Courses Plus, and Skillshare are making it possible for anyone to learn new things. Subjects are taught or shown in video form. Thus, those that sign up for a subscription will be able to access their content anywhere they want. With the aid of a smartphone, the younger generation doesn’t have to be in a classroom to learn new things. However, the smartphone is great for other things regarding knowledge.

For example, smartphones have a connection to the internet. Thus, anyone can search for an answer to a question. Smartphones are therefore great for learning about different cultures, the locations of countries and great to use when abroad. Smartphones are being used in many ways, but thanks to the youth that want more detail and faster loading speeds, geographical companies are trying to make better and better maps. If you’re going on a trip around the world, chances are high that you will be using your smartphone to identify the things you’re seeing and experiencing. It’s mostly the youth that will be doing this because they travel more. Smartphones will be designed in the future to make absorbing the world easier and more interactive.

Capturing the event

There used to be a time where you could see hundreds of lighters being waved at music concerts. Even people who didn’t smoke brought lighters to the show. It was a moment when the crowd got behind the act and enjoyed the event’s crescendo. Nowadays, however, you won’t see lighters but rather the LED lights from smartphones. Thousands of smartphones, flashing and clicking, taking pictures and video recording of the event. Music concerts have changed because now, those that are not attending get to see the perspective of one of the attendees. This is huge for marketing purposes. Now, music and event companies want people to record the event where once they did not allow cameras in. Perhaps due to the danger of copyright infringement and maybe snubbing the media companies that paid and booked for their right to capture the show.

But that has all changed because of the sheer number of smartphones at events but also because the artists have a great opportunity for free publicity and marketing. Nothing beats, raw honest moments of interaction with your fans, then a fan taking a selfie with you in the front row or even on stage. This is why the youth and smartphones go together so well. It could just be a piece of metal that you use to call and text people, or it could be an irreplaceable tool you utilize to further your culture. Something that you won’t see happening in the older generations, again.

Smartphones are making us smarter?

Smartphones are fantastic for educational purposes, but they’re brilliant for training the mind too. Cognitive skills, memory, object identification, and so many other things, can be enhanced by the use of a smartphone. The various thinking games that you can download onto your smartphone are proof that they’re not just for fun but to improve one’s ability to think cognitively. Games like chess aren’t just the same old bland versions, but they’re not interactive learning. You can learn how to play chess instead of just playing it. The various tutorials that allow you to learn while doing, have made chess games some of the most popular around the world. Couple in the new factor of being able to play against any player from around the world, and you have online chess matches that could gain an audience if they were televised.

So many options

Because the youth are the number one buyers of smartphones, the financial end of the industry has also changed. Now companies are trying to build as many products, contracts, and terms for all the different kinds of smartphone owners and buyers. You can find a plethora of companies on Half Cooked that have been given the compare, comparison, and review treatment. One of their most in-depth reviews is for Sky Mobile. The voice call quality is just above average but nothing to write home about. The tethering receives top marks. This feature allows you to turn your mobile into a Wi-Fi hotspot, thus allowing others to hop on and use the internet. For the youth, this is perfect because everybody has phones of varying qualities and thus, being able to latch onto your friend’s internet is great for hanging out in public.

You also have so many options for SIM-only contracts. You can put various SIMs into your phone without having to walk out with a contract for a phone. There are 8 different reviews done about companies that offer this kind of option. In the reviews, different companies are pitted against each other to see who offers the best features such as data plans, data amounts, calls, texts, and carry-over.

Nowhere to hide

Since it’s the youth that is mainly buying smartphones, it’s about time that the youth began to give their honest opinions about them. That’s why you have people like MKBHD and Unbox Therapy as the two premier smartphone review YouTube channels. They give some of the most in-depth reviews and supply great information about the details that matter. Everything from weight, functions, features, materials, software, and hardware are discussed. The great thing about both channels is, they incorporate everyday uses into their reviews. They don’t have a lab which they use to undertake scientific tests, but they use the products day in and day out to give you a practical and honest opinion.

This now means the smartphone companies have nowhere to hide from their biggest customer base. Inherently, this will make smartphones leaner and meaner as the years go on. Cultural figures that assess smartphones for the youth are doing their age group a fantastic service.

It’s the youth that shapes many things in society. Some of the best smartphones have only come to be what they are because of how the younger generations use them. Smartphone companies have created things like a selfie camera because of young people taking more photos of themselves out and about. Suddenly, a camera without a great selfie camera sharply nosedives in usability and price.

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