Look around your office, there are probably some things you wish you’d gotten rid of ages ago. It could be an old copier which is out of date and doesn’t perform nearly as good as your new copier. It might be a damaged table that is scarred pretty badly and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the decor. You may also have some pens and other office equipment just lying around that you don’t want or need.

Many businesses allow clutter to just build up and up in their office. We all know why because it costs to get rid of it. But, the issue get larger and worse the more you allow it to go on. So for one day out of the year, give your employees a day off and just figure out what you want to have removed into the rubbish.

Per employee

Some employees are better than others. Go around to each desk you have and give them all a small cardboard box. Ask them to put things inside the box that they don’t want or need. This should give every employee the opportunity to tidy up to their desk at least for another year. Pens that don’t work, pencils worn down to the ends and other things like half-working staplers and sticky notepads that are old and tired. It might even be an old keyboard that has reached the end of its life cycle. Your employees should also take the time to wipe down their desks and make everything cleaner while you then go around and collect the boxes to put in the trash.

Things that became ‘stuff’

For the equipment that was once used by everybody but is now just junk, you need a rubbish removal service that can take away complex machines like photocopiers, printers and even computers. They do both residential and business rubbish removals. Many businesses will hold onto old machines as backups. However, new technology is far more reliable than it used to be. Things around the room like old chairs that have holes in the cushions and foam dripping out, should also be given the old heave-ho. Old tables, whiteboards, drawers, desks and even things like pen cups should be tossed away to clear space for new equipment. Everything from rusty hole punches, to bent rulers, must be thrown away. Out with the old, in with the new.

Departmental responsibility

Give your managers and heads of department the responsibility of cleaning their sections in the office. Even old work which you no longer need for future reference or legal reasons should be deleted off the computers. You may also want your departments to vacuum the floors, clean the coffee machines, water coolers and just about everything under their control. Put all the books, files and folders in order and just generally straighten the place up.

An office clearing day is something you should have every year. The larger your business becomes the more old things just get left around. Out with the old and in with the new.

Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay