Could playing video games be the key to a happier life?

That’s what they have always been designed to do, but so often, we associate playing video games with unhappiness. And to be fair, there is some truth here. Video games can be addictive, and without a balance of other activities, problems with isolation, depression, and physical health issues can develop.

However, assuming that a person does live a balanced life — and by that, we mean somebody who can lift themselves from their sofas to eat something healthy and to get some fresh air — it could be true that those who play video games do live a happier life than those who don’t.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Video games give us the opportunity to play

We learn to play as children, but as we get older, we tend to get bogged down with more adult concerns, such as work, our taxes, and managing the household bills. Boring, right? Yes, especially when our jobs don’t give us a lot of time for pleasure. However, video games can give us the opportunity to reconnect with that inner child long since buried by adult concerns, and we can have have more opportunities for play in our lives, be that at home on our games consoles or on the bus when playing something on our smartphones.

Video games give us the opportunity to exercise

Going beyond exercising your thumbs and fingers, some video games can give you the opportunity to get off your sofa. We are talking about the motion-controlled video games that are popular on certain platforms, and the best sport VR games that can get your body moving. While you should still get some fresh air from time to time and engage in other forms of exercise, there is still validity to this point because, as you probably know, the more exercise you do, the more happiness-inducing chemicals your body produces.

Video games can afford us fame and fortune

People make good money from playing games. We are thinking of the gamers who take part in national and international e-sports tournaments, and we are thinking about those gamers who make money by recording their views and gaming exploits on YouTube. Of course, money doesn’t necessarily buy us happiness, but if your career is leading you on the path towards dullsville, it might be that getting paid for something you enjoy (i.e., playing video games), could give you a happier life. So, follow our tips on becoming an online sensation, and hone your gaming skills if you want to make money from your passion.

Video games are effective stress-busters

Okay, so any gamer who has played Dark Souls or Bloodbourne might disagree with us on this one (those titles are flipping hard), but studies have found that video games are key to beating stress. It’s partly because they are a distraction from the pressures that intrude upon our lives, and it’s partly because they are just so much fun to play. Of course, we should still take part in other hobbies if we want a well-rounded life, but after a stressful day at work, there is sometimes no better way than a game to restore our happiness levels.

So, what do you think? Do video games bring you joy and happiness? Let us know in the comments below.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay