Christmas time is a hard period to get through for the modern, local business. A lot of physical stores and small operations are being beaten out of the market by online retailers, and seeing as the current shopping generation has less disposable income than any that came before it, far less money is being spent locally.

It’s a lot easier to just head online and find what you’re looking for with a few clicks, and to have price comparison right there on the screen for you. Finding the time to head down the street and pick up something that might not even be in stock is a thing of the past; people are working longer hours for less and less money.

Which is why it’s key for you to try and support your local business owners this Christmas time. It’s more ethical for you, and it’s a great way to boost your local area, and here’s why.

Local Businesses are Usually Cheaper

Local businesses usually carry items for far cheaper than chain or online stores. Even if it’s only a few pence saving here and there, you can round down your total by a couple of pounds when you head to the checkout.

Christmas always makes the prices shoot up, but when a local business needs to make some money, they’re going to be temperate about their price ranges. And at Christmas time, that can mean the difference between a big turkey for dinner or the smallest chicken you could find in the supermarket.

Handmade Items Always Mean More

Handmade items carry a lot of sentimentality to them, and you know a lot of time and effort has gone into crafting them. And if you give a handmade item to anyone you know and love, you know they’re going to be aware of this too.

It might even have their name and a lovely little message for them to read on it too, which guarantees that item will never go to waste. And wastage at Christmas time is always a worry for the local and global environment.

There’s Plenty of Niche Things for Those Hard to Buy For

Local businesses usually have clearly defined niches. They have a lot to offer you, one by one down your local high street. Let’s give you a very quick example. If you have a bit of a hipster in your family or friendship circle, looking up glass tobacco pipes near me could make you a hit this Christmas time.

A lot of time is wasted at Christmas when trying to find something for the person who has everything. If you shop locally, in all those niche stores you see all over the towns, you’ll find a lot more variety in these shops than you will on the front page of Amazon.

Local businesses deserve a bit more support during the festive period. They still have money to make, and workers to pay, and Christmas is classically hard for them.

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay