A fitness holiday is a fantastic way to learn new skills and get in shape, but with so many options out there, picking the perfect boot camp can be a difficult task. There’s a lot to bear in mind, so here are some useful tips on how to pick the best option for you.


One of the first points that you should consider is how long you want your fitness holiday to last, as different companies offer different packages. Are you just looking for a week-long fitness boost, or would you like to test yourself and commit to a whole month? Some fitness camps allow you to stay for up to four months at a time if you’re truly committed to transforming yourself.

Group size

If possible, try to find out the average number of attendees on your chosen programme. Both big and small groups have their advantages. Small groups tend to become very close very quickly, taking on a ‘family’ feel, whilst a larger group gives you the chance to meet lots of new people, and feels a little more laid back.

Your goals

It’s a good idea to go on a fitness holiday with a goal or two in mind. Think about what you want to get out of your fitness holiday and choose a programme accordingly. If you want to learn about bodybuilding and gain significant muscle mass, then a month-long yoga retreat might not be the right decision. If you’re a fitness newbie and want to try out as many activities as possible, then you’re best suited to a well-rounded programme. Find out what types of activity are on offer throughout the holiday, and decide if they meet your needs.


Despite the intense exercise, this is still very much a holiday and the location certainly matters. You’ll have plenty of time to explore your chosen destination, so make sure that it’s somewhere you’d definitely like to go. Nothing says ‘fitness holiday’ quite like beachfront yoga, and swimming is always much more fun in a beautiful outdoor pool. Programmes that allow you to work out in inspiring settings are always that much more enjoyable — and feel more like holidays than work.

Choosing a fitness holiday in a cheaper area of the world, such as South-East Asia, can be a great way to save money, too. Ultimate Fitness offer a range of beautiful locations, including Thailand, Bali and Sri Lanka, to create your ideal fitness holiday.


Think about how full on you’d like your fitness holiday to be — would you like to train only in the mornings, or all day long? Do you want flexibility, or do you need a rigid schedule and mandatory classes to stay motivated? Different centres operate in different ways so choose a programme that suits you and your fitness goals.


A fitness holiday is still a holiday, after all, so make sure that you choose one that allows you to go on fantastic excursions and organises plenty of social trips. Achieving your fitness goals is important, but you need to be able to relax in your rest time.

Image by Rolf van de Wal from Pixabay