What’s the most perfect gift that you can get? One that comes from you rather than a shop.

Christmas is a wonderful way to find some joy and laughter in the midst of the cold winter months. However, it is also a holiday that has become quite commercial.

Many of us feel under enormous pressure to buy the ‘perfect’ gift for everyone in our lives, bankrupting ourselves in the process! And then once the holiday season is over, a huge amount of those presents we lovingly picked out will end up either sat in a cupboard gathering dust, be given to a charity shop, or sent to a landfill.

The thing is that most of us don’t really need any more ‘stuff’. The best gifts are those that show we really care.

Handmade gifts

If you really want to show someone that you care, then a great way to do this is to make them a present. You don’t need to be a crafting whizz or have loads of time on your hands either, depending on what you choose.

Some examples of simple handmade gifts are:

  • (You probably have the ingredients in your cupboard already!)
  • Home-made candles. Forget buying an expensive Yankee candle! All you need is wax or soy chips, a wick, and a jar. You can even add oils to give them a scent if you like.
  • Chunky knit blanket. Because the knit is very chunky, it actually won’t take too long, and it’s not very fiddly either. It will also look wonderfully cosy and warm.

Making Christmas gifts is a lovely way to spend some time together with your friends and family, too!

Gift vouchers

If you want to make sure that your loved one gets a gift that they really want, then allow them to choose it themselves! Choose from various gift vouchers at GiftsVoucher, and they’ll be able to pick anything they fancy from Deliveroo to ASOS or Xbox to M&S.

Gift vouchers are especially convenient if you want to buy a gift for someone who doesn’t live close by. The voucher will be sent electronically, so you won’t need to worry about making the last Christmas post or making sure you’ve bought enough stamps!


If there’s something that someone in your life has always wanted to do, whether it’s climbing a mountain or learning to play the guitar, giving that experience to them is probably the best gift ever!

There are loads of experience gifts that you can choose from that will suit people of all sorts of different dispositions.

The great thing about an experience gift is that it will be treasured and remembered long after the holiday season is over, and it will truly enrich their lives.

Limit whom you buy for

This is the easiest way to limit waste! Remember that you absolutely don’t need to buy for everyone!

Set expectations at the beginning of the holiday season. Tell people that you won’t be buying gifts for everyone but only those with whom you’ll actually be spending the day with. This way, you can make the few gifts you do buy a lot more special.