Are you stuck in a rut with your current job? Perhaps you’re about to graduate from college but have no current direction in terms of a future career? Whatever the case is, you’ve come across this article for one reason: you’re exploring the idea of becoming a plumber.

As the following article will help demonstrate, you have made a wise choice in taking a closer look at this fruitful position. Here are five reasons to start on your path towards being a professional plumber in 2021.

1. You can start training right away… no experience needed

When you think about starting out as a plumber, your mind will no doubt shift to being younger and going through with an apprenticeship. While this might be the traditional way of gaining the education, qualifications, and skills to become a professional plumber, it’s not the only method available.

In fact, there are training courses which you can take to become a qualified plumber. Skills Training Group is the leading provider of fast-track plumbing training courses, allowing you to gain a foot on the ladder within just a few short weeks.

2. Job security

As 2020 has shown the world, there are plenty of jobs which can quickly fall to the wayside if an economic downturn occurs. To add to this, there are certain positions which are fast becoming obsolete due to continuing advancements in technology.

However, there are certain industries which will keep ticking along despite whatever challenges are tossed in their direction. One of those is the plumbing industry. Residents and businesses will always require the assistance of plumbers if they’re stuck with a faulty pipe or sink that won’t work. As a result, there’s long-term job security when it comes to working as a plumber.

3. An attractive wage

With demand comes a nice wage. According to CV Library, the average annual plumber salary is £25,071 in the UK. That’s not the most enticing figure in the world, admittedly, yet keep in mind that newly qualified plumbers typically start out at around the £15,000 mark. As you gain additional experience and focus on more specialised areas of plumbing, you could expect to bring in a yearly salary in excess of £40,000 overall.

4. Ideal for those who are social

As the standard plumber will be visiting multiple houses per day, this is a great career for those who like to be sociable and meet other people. You also need to possess strong interpersonal skills for this role, as you have to discuss plumbing-related issues and ensure you’re considerate, patient, and understanding when doing so.

5. Fulfilling job satisfaction

As with a lot of trades, plumbing provides you with a job that supplies a large slice of job satisfaction. This is due to the fact that plumbing is a specialised profession, one where you need to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired. It also requires proficiency with problem-solving, so when you manage to correct an issue, this also leads to that sweet feeling of fulfilment.