Post-election blues can spring up unannounced and with them, depression and apathy.

The election period is not a one-day event. It comes with lots of hard work, ongoing campaigns, late-night sleep, and other buzzing activities. And losing an election can trigger distress, fatigue, sadness, and loneliness. 

Politics will drain you financially, physically, and emotionally. This is because you sacrifice your finances, time, and energy, and losing can be devastating. Depression is often the response to loss, and it’s among the five stages of grief

Whether you’re a supporter or a candidate, there are ways you can deal with post-election grief.

So, how can you cope with post-election blues? Read on. 

Focus on Your health

Losing elections is never an easy thing to cope with. Going back home with disappointing results and drained bank accounts is frustrating. That’s why you should focus on your health — mental and physical.

Engage in physical activities such as walking, jogging, aerobics, hiking, and even swimming. Working out lowers stress rates and boosts your cognitive skills.

It also minimizes the levels of anxiety and boosts your overall well-being.

Alternatively, you can plunge and seek professional help. Get a reliable therapist for a talk-therapy. Therapy is a problem-solving technique that can help in alleviating depression and anxiety.

Talking to a therapist is relieving and can help you dissect a problem. Additionally, eat well, take a break from politics, and get enough sleep.

Get Social Support

Join a social group in your area to keep you busy. Alternatively, you can talk to a friend, trusted relative, or community leader. And you don’t have to meet anyone physically.

You can book a virtual appointment or get a FaceTime call with a therapist. Social isolation will only intensify negative feelings and increase anxiety.

The purpose of seeking social support is to reignite your smile and keep you happy.

Log Off from Social Media

Social media is the way to connect with people, get information and share it as well. However, it’s also the birthplace of political misinformation, malice, and lies. It’s a platform for polarized thinking, and all it does is increase your tension.

Too much time on Twitter and Facebook will only intensify depression and anxiety. And as you log off, ensure your devices are well secured to keep your data intact and private.

You can use cloud escrow to hide your IP address. It hides your data from government surveillance and prevents your social media accounts from getting hacked.


Acceptance is the right step towards healing. It alleviates pain, psychological anguish, feelings of tension, and frustration. Elections happen often, and you still have a chance to participate again.

The combination of pain and non-acceptance leads to suffering. Visualize the situation in front of you and decide if it’s worth suffering for. Write positive things about yourself and make that affirmation your mantra.

Ultimately, leaders in democratic societies get elected through voting. However, there must be a winner and a loser.

Being on the losing end can hurt and drain you emotionally. But that’s how democracy works. Don’t allow losing elections to affect you. In fact, it should fuel your passion for joining the policymaking process.