We have found ourselves in a very strange time at the beginning of this year, especially going back into lockdown after the last twelve months. You may have had big plans to travel, to do things, see people and explore only to have everything cancelled because of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19.

The thing is, as life starts returning to normal, you may need to start thinking about a change in lifestyle after having grown accustomed to working from home, living in loungewear, and enjoying all of that comfort food.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you kickstart your fitness journey.   

Personal journey

Whatever resolution you embark on when it comes to a fitness journey, the main point to remember when you are thinking about it is that this is a personal journey to you, and so it needs to be measurable and appropriate. Your friends and colleagues may have plans to do something similar or embark on another goal to do with fitness, but mirroring their choices may not be as good for you. Do the things that will help you get to where you want to be, and start small. So that might be looking at this free pre-workout sample — STEEL or making tweaks to your diet. Whatever you do, make sure it is a personal journey which will be one of the biggest incentives to stick with it in the new year.

Have the right gear to feel good

Sometimes just making sure you dress the part and feel protected can help you to be more encouraged to exercise. This may mean having the right leggings and tops or investing in the right trainers for running or home workouts. As going to the gym may not be on the cards for some time, it is important that you still feel good and your activewear can help you do that.

Make sure the change is the whole package

It is all well and good having goals to increase fitness or to achieve certain things within this area, but you also need to ensure that you consider the whole package. Being able to run well is great, but if your diet is filled with junk and sugar you may not see as many benefits from it. The same can be said for your thoughts and feelings, and how your mindset can control how you think and feel. Make sure the change is the whole package.

Set realistic goals

It is also important for you to set yourself realistic goals. If your focus is purely on the end goal, then it can seem achievable at the beginning stages, especially when things are tough. Having the ‘big goal’ is good, but then setting realistic mini targets along the way can help you measure success and keep yourself motivated to achieve that end goal.

Don’t be afraid to dream big

On the subject of the main goal, don’t be afraid to dream big. You may want to run a marathon or embark on some fitness challenge. While these things may seem far away, setting some realistic goals that we mentioned earlier can help you on your way. So Dream big!

We hope these tips help you to kickstart your fitness journey.