Our Theory of Change


  • The profile of someone that is at risk of radicalisation tends to be someone that feels isolated and powerless in society and is also someone unable to tell fact from fiction, making them easy prey for disinformation propagators online.


  • Shout Out UK delivers bespoke Media and Political Literacy programmes, that support beneficiaries’ confidence, emotional resilience, critical thinking, and which: instil a sense of belonging that helps counter the narratives which nefarious actors use to groom and target vulnerable individuals online.

Short-term outcomes

  • Demonstrate an increase in knowledge amongst project participants about media and political literacy, and extremist rhetoric online and offline.
  • Improve knowledge of practical and critical thinking skills to protect oneself from radical groups online and offline.
  • Enhance participants’ ability to express their opinions constructively and productively.

Medium-term outcomes

  • Increase in participants’ positive feelings towards their community.
  • Participants become emotionally resilient to the provocative and charged propaganda of extremist groups, ingraining an enhanced ability to identify extremist content and discern fact from fiction in a logical and fact-based manner.
  • Enhance participants’ ability to question and challenge extremist content, dispelling the misinformation propagated by extremist groups in an effort to sow hate and distrust in society. Beneficiaires will be equipped to challenge misinformation and extremism from any source, including their peers, questioning their views in a productive and constructive manner.

Long-term outcomes

  • Foster an informed conversation around the topic of extremism and online radicalisation on a societal level.
  • All those affected by our programmes (both directly and indirectly) are equipped with life-long media literacy, political literacy, and critical thinking skills to combat extremist rhetoric.


  • This supports the ultimate goal of creating a societal rampart against feelings of alienation and disaffection, which radical ideologies and groups prey on. Indeed, SOUK will provide an important counter narrative through political and media literacy teaching, by increasing our beneficiaries’ understanding of the world around them, how their democracy functions, thereby supporting counter-extremism efforts that focus on protecting the legitimacy and credibility of our democracy and systems of government.

Our Awards

  • Best Media & Political Literacy Training Programmes 2023, Awarded by SME News
  • Most Impactful Company to Work For 2023, Awarded by Impact Fifty
  • Democracy Pioneer 2020, Awarded by Nesta
  • Youth-Led Award 2018, Awarded by The British Youth Council.
  • Harrow Business Den Winner of 2016, Awarded by Harrow Council.

Political Literacy & Media Literacy Experts

Founded by Matteo Bergamini in 2015, Shout Out UK (SOUK) is a multi-award winning creative social enterprise on a mission to defend and amplify democracy by ensuring all citizens understand how their government functions through political literacy, are inoculated from disinformation and misinformation through media literacy and are given a chance to have a say in how their country is run through our own youth voice platform and various programmes.

SOUK has run some of the largest city-wide voter registration and voter awareness campaigns in the democratic world. Furthermore, its education programmes on Media & Political Literacy have been utilised to combat disinformation and extremism nationwide through Prevent, as well as translated into various languages and utilised in multiple countries.

SOUK has worked with a number of clients, including, but not limited to; the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Greater London Authority, the US Embassy in London, the US State Department and NATO.


Launched in January 2021, SOUK is currently providing the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Political Literacy, a coalition of MPs and Lords with the aim of bringing political and media literacy education to every single young person in Britain, regardless of socio-economic status.

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