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Alexander Daniel

Conservatives under pressure following £6.6 billion ‘blunder’ of lost NHS mail

Over 1,700 NHS patients have been placed at risk after the loss of 700,000 pieces of medical correspondence and records. The National Audit Office (NAO) revealed last week that the data had been left to pile up in a warehouse,…

0 Comments / 04/07/2017

Even with a 70 per cent youth turnout we STILL need online voting

Now that the dust has settled after this year’s momentous general election, the discussion is moving on to the bigger picture. Where do things sit in the context of elections down the years? What can be done to improve the…

0 Comments / 19/06/2017

Labour’s Surge in Support: Beware the Echo Chambers of Social Media

The internet bubble is back. Did it ever leave us? New findings from the Oxford Internet Institute tell us that Labour dominates online political discourse as the election campaign rumbles towards it’s close on June 8. Nonetheless, we must not…

0 Comments / 07/06/2017

The Paradoxical Tim Farron: A Political Barometer

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats going into the general election, has lately become an increasingly divisive figure. Having cast himself as one of 2016’s most outspoken poster boys for remaining in the European Union, he has led something of…

0 Comments / 29/05/2017