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Ali Saul

Ali is a Law undergraduate at the University of Portsmouth with an especial interest in Constitutional Law. He is a keen musician playing mandolin, guitar, drums and keyboards. He also enjoys writing music and poetry.

Supermarket Haiku – A Poem by Virginie Colline

Supermarket Haiku gondola galore sweet promises undulate to the muzak flow the flashy colors on the potato chip rack insitu pop art dry water coolers an inflated crocodile marooned on the tiles canned nightingale song the grass is always greener…

0 Comments / 08/11/2014

Three Short Poems by Kirby Wright

2 Comments / 08/11/2014

Hope – A Poem by John Guzlowski

HOPE When my mother was dying, she insisted for a long time that she could beat death. She had survived the murder of her family by the Nazis, years in concentration camps, living from hand to mouth in America, an…

10 Comments / 01/11/2014

Polish Literature and Me: A Journey Home

Polish Literature and I have had a stormy relationship.  For much of my writing and reading life, I wanted nothing to do with it or any other aspect of Poland’s culture or history.  I didn’t want to know anything about…

0 Comments / 29/10/2014

Mainlander – An Article by Helen Hawgood

The term ‘mainlander’ refers to people from China. Over the years, impacted by political disputes, personal opinion and difference in habits, it now holds extremely derogatory and demeaning implications. Its definition in Mandarin dalu ren, meaning ‘people from China’ has…

1 Comment / 27/10/2014