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Andrei Serban

No rise of the right in Spain. No surprise given Madrid’s killer conservative instincts

With Spain being an exception in the face of rising nationalism across the continent, police brutality and Madrid’s response during the Catalan referendum, delivered in the name of legality, reveal the nation’s right-wing heritage.   Spain and Portugal are considered…

0 Comments / 09/10/2017

The self-proclaimed ‘True Europeans’ are nothing but power-hungry liars

With Angela Merkel’s comeback on the European stage, right-wing leaders in Central Europe are losing the legal fight against imposed migrants’ quotas for EU states.   After several terrorist attacks in the West, some nationalist governments in the region are…

0 Comments / 29/09/2017

Will integration cause FYROM to sacrifice ‘Macedonia’?

After decades of political isolation, FYROM’s integration into NATO asks for relations with Bulgaria and Greece to revolutionise. Historical discrepancies within this fragile triangle, oriented towards Macedonia’s national identity, are to modify together with the status quo in the region….

14 Comments / 14/08/2017

Forget the 1930s, an unstoppable comeback from the left is crushing the right

Everyone in Europe believed the continent was doomed to experience the 1930s again. With traditional politics out of the picture, rising alternative forces were an exclusive matter of nationalism and right-wing populism. Even after Donald Trump’s victory and Brexit, it…

0 Comments / 14/07/2017