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Bhav Patel

Red hair gene increases risk of cancer

Porcelain white skin against a fiery red mane may look inspiring, but the health risks are less romantic   A study has revealed that individuals who possess a particular red hair gene have an increased risk of developing melanoma skin…

0 Comments / 27/07/2016

UK To Propose New Climate Change Target After Brexit

Controlling climate change is proving to be a bigger challenge than before, now that Britain no longer has its EU league to share the burden   The UK are set to press forward with the fight against climate change, despite…

0 Comments / 05/07/2016 /

Yellow fever epidemic on course for Asia?

Another potentially deadly epidemic ravages lives in Africa, causing fears that it has all the signs of spreading to Asia   Last week, the World Health Organisation declared that there was a yellow fever epidemic in Kinshasa, the capital and…

0 Comments / 28/06/2016 /

“Most terror attacks on India emanate from Pakistan”: Rajnath Singh

The finger of blame was pointed at Pakistan for India’s terror threats, but will anything change?   In a recent counter-terrorism conference held in Jaipur, India, Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, said that the majority of the terror threats on…

0 Comments / 18/02/2016 /

Give cancer the chills with chillies

New studies reveal that we should all be getting a little hot this winter, with chillies being one of the best superfoods to burn away health troubles   There have been numerous scientific studies conducted claiming that spices such as…

0 Comments / 16/12/2015 /