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Darcy Jimenez

English student at King's College London. A reader, writer, and fighter for the rights of living things.

Forget Trump. 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from meat consumption

Last week, Donald Trump gave efforts to slow climate change his freakishly short middle finger when he signed an executive order to unravel Obama’s Clean Power Plan.   The plan aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electrical power generation, focusing…

0 Comments / 03/04/2017

Campaigns like ‘Farms Not Factories’ delude us from making a real change

Supporting better living conditions for animals is better than doing nothing, but this sidesteps the crucial problem of inevitable slaughter    Farms Not Factories is a celebrity-endorsed campaign that seeks to bring an end to factory farming in favour of…

0 Comments / 06/10/2016

9 Veganism Myths Debunked

Veganism is something that, despite being a perfectly valid lifestyle choice, attracts a lot of discussion – and criticism. Most of the arguments against veganism however, are based on misconceptions or simply a lack of understanding as to why vegans…

0 Comments / 07/07/2016

Justice bends over backwards for white, privileged male – again

White, male and with prospects. This seems to be the passcode for receiving a lenient sentence for a potentially horrific crime   On June 2nd, ex-Stanford University student Brock Turner was found guilty of three offences, including the attempted rape…

0 Comments / 14/06/2016

Lyst’s puppy stunt is a perfect example of animal inequality

Animal inequality and favouritism is all too apparent when a French Bulldog gets treated like a precious fashion accessory but a South Devon Bull is seen as a scrumptious piece of beef   On Monday, fashion website Lyst caused uproar…

0 Comments / 16/05/2016