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Time to put SEX into sex education

Peter Tatchell says sex education should celebrate sexual pleasure and combat sexual shame and abuse. Sex education in schools is too often anti-sex. It focuses on the potential negative consequences, such as unwanted pregnancy, HIV infection and on sexual addiction…

0 Comments / 20/04/2017

Why are so many women refusing to bleed?

Holly Grigg-Spall is the author of ‘Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control’ in which she argues that the Pill is making women sick. Her work on women’s health issues has featured in Marie Claire, Elle,…

2 Comments / 06/02/2017

Editor’s Choice: The World Does Not Fit Into Categories

We could all take a moment to reflect on what is being said by this author   Whenever I read articles on colourism, it is always posed as a problem stemming from lighter skinned people towards those with darker skin….

0 Comments / 29/12/2016

François Fillon may be Thatcheresque but he’s no Thatcher

To everyone’s surprise, the former French Prime Minister beat all his rivals at the primary for the Centre-Right, including Nicolas Sarkozy, who only reached third place. Indeed, with a majority of 69.5 per cent — against 30.5 per cent for…

1 Comment / 08/12/2016

Vampire Capitalism – Sucking Life From Society in Plain Daylight?

The recent collapse of BHS leaves little doubt that many corporate ‘vampires’ have no qualms about being caught sucking us dry. Myths are one of the ways society explores the things which are morally ambiguous or challenging. They point to…

0 Comments / 26/05/2016