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Eleanor Noyce

Tuition Fees likely to keep rising – Resist!

The onset of a new year inevitably brings new political challenges. At the beginning of 2016, the political atmosphere within Britain was turbulent, encompassed by the uncertainty of the future of the European Union and the controversy surrounding far-right parties…

0 Comments / 18/01/2017

You can take the EU but you will never take our unity!

To quote George Orwell in one of his infinitely brilliant essays, ‘most revolutionaries are potential Tories, because they imagine that everything can be put right by altering the shape of society’.   Orwell is rarely wrong. Theresa May’s decision to…

0 Comments / 09/01/2017

Michelle Obama ‘ape in heels’ case is just the beginning

‘This is not something that we can ignore. It’s not something that we can just sweep under the rug’.   Just a few weeks ago, Michelle Obama stood in front of an audience comprised of hundreds of her advocates, publicly…

0 Comments / 29/12/2016

The Legacy of the John Lewis Christmas Advert: Greed, or Goodwill?

In 1955, the first television advertisement was broadcast in the United Kingdom, advertising the efficacy of a make of toothpaste manufactured by Gibbs.   Undoubtedly, the first handful of adverts aimed to portray and advertise a lifestyle amiable to all….

0 Comments / 23/12/2016