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Harriet Rose Brady

Interview with Refugee: ‘I am scared my mum will die without seeing her again’

Over the summer, I spent some time with a charity working with refugees in Calais and other European cities such as Dunkirk, Paris and Brussels. There are no words or photos that can portray the horrendous conditions these men, women…

0 Comments / 10/11/2017

The NHS-Files: Ignored and in prison for being mentally ill

The tragic news of suicidal teenager, named only as ‘X’, horrified the nation last week.  Sir James Munby, the head of Family Courts for England and Wales, portrayed his disgust with the provision of care for this vulnerable young girl….

0 Comments / 16/08/2017

World Mental Health Day – A Farce ?

Thinking about mental health problems for 24 hours is not the same as tackling the issue for 365 days a year — which is what is needed   With the novelty of World Mental Health Day wearing off, and as…

3 Comments / 18/10/2016

Killing Ourselves to Stay (Gender) Socialised

 Society’s preoccupation with gender roles continues to have a damaging effect on the lives of many, especially men’s   Many issues and inequalities prevalent in our society are inextricably linked, and mental health is no exception. As a generalisation, in…

7 Comments / 04/08/2016