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Joseph Howe

Why Anna Soubry is every young Remainer’s hope against Britain’s downfall

With the recent success of the Labour far-left, it is imperative that young Remainers stay faithful to pro-European centrists like Ms Soubry. She may be the only hope they have left.   Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, has been a…

0 Comments / 03/08/2017

Donald Trump, the ESTABLISHMENT has you!

The President’s rogue handling of international affairs may be, slowly, coming to an end with the establishment tightening his collar   Trump’s appeal to forgotten America was forged by his anti-establishment rhetoric. For them, he offered something different from the…

0 Comments / 13/07/2017

May lost her majority out of sheer complacency

Theresa May’s political gamble has backfired in the most spectacular fashion — unsurprisingly   June 8 was supposed to be her day. May entered office with almost no official opposition, enjoyed the longest Tory honeymoon period in recent history, and…

0 Comments / 16/06/2017

She’ll be back: Macron’s battle has just begun

Do not be fooled, nearly one-third of all French voters opted for everything that their new president is not.   Beating Marine Le Pen in the final round of the presidential election was perhaps the easiest task Emmanuel Macron will…

0 Comments / 16/05/2017

MACRON WINS ROUND ONE: Does Le Pen stand a chance?

Emmanuel Macron, the centrist outsider who formed his own party En Marche! only a year ago, has won Round 1 of the French Presidential Election. He has beaten far-right Marine Le Pen in the first stage, which begs the question now…

0 Comments / 26/04/2017