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Joseph Howe

May needs to kiss and make up if she is to count on US’ support

Theresa May has another issue on her hands. An irritation at the other side of the Atlantic. Her freedom to respond is limited, but her next steps could easily define her.   Donald Trump, the leader of the free world,…

0 Comments / 07/12/2017

Austria is silently birthing a rightward revolution

On October 15, Austrian politics was shaken. The outcome of their legislative election was not surprising to most, but it makes the result no less important.   Conservatism has been branded with a new and successful face under Sebastian Kurz….

0 Comments / 08/11/2017

Labour’s foreign policy ‘machine’ needs a reality check

If Jeremy Corbyn is right, a Labour government looms. Granted, his domestic offerings seem to be luring people in after a disastrous few months for the Tories.   Alarmingly for a ‘government-in-waiting’, however, Labour’s foreign policy is both impossible to…

0 Comments / 23/10/2017

Mayday! Mayday! May’s insistence on a diverse cabinet spins her out of control

The sabotage of Theresa May’s authority is well under way. Boris has his eyes on the prize, but he knows he first must break every foundation that makes her stable.   Her defence to the media is that a cabinet…

0 Comments / 11/10/2017

Is the concept of an ‘LGBT society’ on thin ice?

As society progresses*, we must start asking ourselves some serious questions. If socially liberal people are determined to break down barriers and move toward a more tolerant world, it is perhaps time to take a fresh approach in our method….

0 Comments / 06/09/2017