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Joseph Howe

May lost her majority out of sheer complacency

Theresa May’s political gamble has backfired in the most spectacular fashion — unsurprisingly   June 8 was supposed to be her day. May entered office with almost no official opposition, enjoyed the longest Tory honeymoon period in recent history, and…

0 Comments / 16/06/2017

She’ll be back: Macron’s battle has just begun

Do not be fooled, nearly one-third of all French voters opted for everything that their new president is not.   Beating Marine Le Pen in the final round of the presidential election was perhaps the easiest task Emmanuel Macron will…

0 Comments / 16/05/2017

MACRON WINS ROUND ONE: Does Le Pen stand a chance?

Emmanuel Macron, the centrist outsider who formed his own party En Marche! only a year ago, has won Round 1 of the French Presidential Election. He has beaten far-right Marine Le Pen in the first stage, which begs the question now…

0 Comments / 26/04/2017

Editor’s pick: ‘People are in tears because they have no food’ – interview with Angela Eagle, MP

Angela Eagle is a Labour MP who does not shy away from speaking her mind. We discuss Brexit, Boris, and of course, Labour’s burden that is Corbyn.    How much do you think young people’s voices are being heard with…

0 Comments / 31/03/2017

The BRITS and The Oscars: A game-changing week

In the past week, we have seen The BRIT Awards embracing diversity like never before, and the perfectionist façade of the Oscars slip away. Both events were very different, but both will have lasting influences on popular culture.   The…

0 Comments / 01/03/2017