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Joseph Howe

Mayday! Mayday! May’s insistence on a diverse cabinet spins her out of control

The sabotage of Theresa May’s authority is well under way. Boris has his eyes on the prize, but he knows he first must break every foundation that makes her stable.   Her defence to the media is that a cabinet…

0 Comments / 11/10/2017

Is the concept of an ‘LGBT society’ on thin ice?

As society progresses*, we must start asking ourselves some serious questions. If socially liberal people are determined to break down barriers and move toward a more tolerant world, it is perhaps time to take a fresh approach in our method….

0 Comments / 06/09/2017

The only one to blame for Brexit mayhem is Cameron the Coward

David Cameron left quite a legacy in the wake of his controversial resignation last year. During his time in the frontline he modernised the Tories, won a landslide victory against a lacklustre Labour Party, and dealt with personal turmoil before…

0 Comments / 29/08/2017

Why Anna Soubry is every young Remainer’s hope against Britain’s downfall

With the recent success of the Labour far-left, it is imperative that young Remainers stay faithful to pro-European centrists like Ms Soubry. She may be the only hope they have left.   Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, has been a…

0 Comments / 03/08/2017

Donald Trump, the ESTABLISHMENT has you!

The President’s rogue handling of international affairs may be, slowly, coming to an end with the establishment tightening his collar   Trump’s appeal to forgotten America was forged by his anti-establishment rhetoric. For them, he offered something different from the…

0 Comments / 13/07/2017