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Joshua Doulton

Josh is a London-based writer, food loving critic and big time sports fan. When he's not watching football, out fishing or cooking up a treat - he loves to write for sites like ShoutOut UK, other business domains and All the Gears NO Ideas - a newly launched cycling blog.

Clever Tips for reducing work stress

For many people, overwhelming stress is a natural feature of the workplace — but it really doesn’t need to be that way. You can find better ways to identify and deal with stressors which can leave you more motivated, more…

0 Comments / 01/11/2017

Seven smart tips when it comes to inheritance tax

When most people pass on they wish to leave their estate to beneficiaries, but in an ideal world they want to ensure that those beneficiaries have to pay as little inheritance tax as possible. There are plenty of steps that…

1 Comment / 19/07/2017

When football and politics collide

Organisations at the top of football are always keen to argue that politics has no place in the beautiful game. Like many sports, football likes to position itself as a unifying game that brings people together and can even change…

0 Comments / 15/06/2017

Everything You Need To Know About Cycling Injuries Compensation

Cycling has never been more popular. Whether it’s through the advantages of staying in shape, the benefits to the environment or the fantastic example set by superstar cyclists like Sir Bradley Wiggins or Sir Chris Hoy, it seems nothing can…

0 Comments / 09/06/2017

5 business skills you can learn from the movies

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, a trip to the movies can offer the inspiration and practical advice you might be looking for. Whilst learning from business case studies is productive, they are rarely…

0 Comments / 01/05/2017