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Oliver Freeman

Fifty Shades Darker: is this what women want?

Romance; the epitome of love, a sanctuary for bliss and a place in which we can all, quite easily, lose our heads.   That image is definitely the fairytale provocateur of love, but very far from the truth in the…

0 Comments / 14/02/2017

Editor’s Choice: Zero Tolerance for FGM

If you didn’t know, February 6 was the 11th annual Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.    It’s not often that you think about the genitalia of a female in a, particularly, rancid manner. It is something to…

0 Comments / 10/02/2017

The Fascist Left: Politics Gone Mad!

Left Fascists? Politics flipped upside down! Welcome to the metamorphosis of the noble left.   Let’s be frank before we get into this article … the Left wing of politics relies strongly on the ideals of Socialism, Trotskyism, Marxism, and similar…

0 Comments / 07/02/2017

Israel – The most wicked state in the world

I probably shouldn’t mention this, for the sake of being called an ‘anti-Semite’, but I can’t help it … most people refuse to accept the very simple fact that Israel, the creation of Zionists and homeland of the Jews, is…

0 Comments / 26/01/2017

HSBC: Here Stands a Baneful Corporation

This article shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to you. The big banks  — specifically, Britain’s largest bank — are once again committing fouls.   Now, when I speak of big banks doing bad things, we all tend to…

1 Comment / 20/01/2017