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Oliver Freeman

Israel condemned to war following Trump’s Jerusalem commitment

Let me just start this article by stating that I, as many people know, essentially oppose the existence of Israel and dispute its right to just about anything that it tries to claim, or do. It isn’t that I strongly…

0 Comments / 08/12/2017

The Phantom Silencer: Or our perverse love of political correctness (sorry …)

When I say ‘the phantom silencer’ you probably start to think of a nightmarish, ghoulish creature from a bizarre horror or supernatural film. Truth be told … the ghoulish creatures are those who rely on the phantom silencer so heavily to aid their debate —…

0 Comments / 05/12/2017

Old Souls of Modern Thought: Why grades don’t make the man

I think that in life, perhaps, we — the youth of modernity — each need to take a step back and observe what is truly important. Not to us, but to those around us, both young and old.   I…

0 Comments / 24/11/2017

Is Karma finally about to catch up with Netanyahu?

So, not too long ago I wrote an article about the atrocities that Israel commits on a daily basis, in broad daylight, in front of the entire globe. If the globe were a playground, that country would essentially be the…

0 Comments / 21/08/2017

Corbyn’s double identity: Patriot or Socialist?

I have recently taken a lengthy break from the world of politics; I have, over the past year, found myself in a position of political solitude — a Marxist at heart, arguing against the left-wing of British politics, voting for…

0 Comments / 06/07/2017