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Matthew Jaffrey

Fatah spends $300 million a year rewarding terrorists yet Israel gets the blame

Tension, conflict and tragic bloodshed are not rare occurrences in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Last week saw an escalation of all three as extensive rioting took place, instigated and incentivised by the Palestinian leadership. It is wholly regrettable that…

0 Comments / 31/07/2017

China is the one to stop North Korea’s deadly regime

It came as no surprise to hear that the rogue, pariah state of North Korea is carrying out long-range ballistic missile testing, and it was no coincidence this test-run took place on the 4th of July, greatly exacerbating the tension…

0 Comments / 19/07/2017

Young Brits can no longer afford to stay monolingual in a post-Brexit world

When it comes to learning languages, us Brits are abysmal. Under 25 per cent of Brits are bilingual, compared to over half of adults in mainland Europe who are able to converse in at least one additional language. Our lack…

3 Comments / 20/06/2017

Ganging up on Iran won’t be enough to secure peace, Mr Trump

The optimistic nature of Trump’s first foreign visit last month, with the aim of promoting harmony and halting the seemingly ceaseless bloodshed throughout the Middle East, is a hopeful but misplaced bid for peace.   In his own words, this…

0 Comments / 14/06/2017

SNP: Ten years of abominable failure

The Scottish National Party have governed one of the most powerfully devolved administrations in the world for the last ten years, giving them power over education, healthcare and housing, to name a few. Their eagerness to emphatically condemn the Conservatives…

2 Comments / 07/06/2017