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Shannon Rawlins

Fear of ‘domino effect’? EU’s pathetic apathy towards Catalonia

Brussels’ curious lack of intervention in Catalonia, and what has been perceived by many Catalans as apathy, can likely be attributed to their fear of the hunger for secession spreading to other European nations. First Scotland. Now Catalonia. What next?…

0 Comments / 21/11/2017

Why the Brexit referendum shows us direct democracy fails

Today we hail Athenian democracy as a model example of the perfect political system. However, when the Athenian people gathered in their town squares to raise their hands in favour or not in favour, they were voting on whether to…

0 Comments / 16/10/2017

Political correctness gone cunning: My school blocks Mail Online

The Mirror and the Daily Mail both like to feed our baser instincts by giving us trashy headlines. And yet, my school blocks access only to one of these newspapers — why? Politics, of course.   The rise of the…

0 Comments / 18/09/2017 /

Why we should all be worried about the Government’s ‘British Values’

In March 2014, the Trojan Horse scandal was splashed across the UK front headlines. A plot by hardline Islamists to take over various Birmingham secondary schools (the ‘Trojan Horse Operation’) was exposed by the authorities. The scandal raised questions about…

0 Comments / 08/08/2017 /