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Gambia riven by revenge

Early hopes that Gambia can prove a bright spot in 2016 by moving to a democracy seem to be hanging in the balance.   President Yahya Jammeh’s U-turn on accepting the election results that were won by his challenger Adama…

0 Comments / 13/12/2016

Yellow fever epidemic on course for Asia?

Another potentially deadly epidemic ravages lives in Africa, causing fears that it has all the signs of spreading to Asia   Last week, the World Health Organisation declared that there was a yellow fever epidemic in Kinshasa, the capital and…

0 Comments / 28/06/2016 /

Rivers State Injustice

Unless the Nigerian Government starts making immediate changes towards remedying the social divide between rich and poor Nigerians, bad things will continue to get worse   Nigeria is the most populous country In West Africa with more than 160 million…

0 Comments / 15/01/2016

Are upper-class Nigerians really happy that change is here?

The longed-for change has finally arrived in Nigeria but that means adjusting to a life where rules cannot be bypassed with money and connections   On the 29th of May 2015, General Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as the President…

0 Comments / 29/12/2015

The two-sided edge of foreign aid

It has helped millions to overcome distressing conditions during famines and flooding, but what about the long-term efficiency of foreign aid? Are we helping others or ourselves?   Foreign aid is simply a way of responding to poorer countries’ woes….

0 Comments / 17/12/2015