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Rip Curl’s use of North Korean Sweat Shops, more than a ‘screw up’

Images from a Fairfax Media investigation have surfaced displaying Rip Curl ski jackets being made in North Korea but with a ‘Made in China’ label.   It was businessmen and ‘adventurer’ Nik Halik that sourced Fairfax with these images. Mr…

0 Comments / 10/07/2017

Combatting homesickness in Byron Bay

‘Finding oneself’ appears to be the universally accepted fuel for wanderlust these days. I am 19 years old and on a quest to go on quests. Can’t say I’m too optimistic about discovering my true self lurking beneath a rock…

0 Comments / 15/06/2016

Should Businesses Join Political Parties?

The outgoing President of the (right-wing) Australian Liberal Party, Alan Stockdale, has called for corporations to be given the option to ‘join’ the Liberals as affiliates, similar to the link trade unions and Labour parties around the world. It should…

0 Comments / 22/07/2014

Australia Day

Australia Day – is there really anything to celebrate? The Truth behind the Facade

Australia Day. Celebrated this year on Monday 27th January, it is an annual bank holiday where Australians commemorate the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson, now in Sydney, in 1788. In addition to this there are citizenship…

0 Comments / 04/03/2014

Would Mr Rudd Please Leave The Stage?

It’s always sad when cometh the end of a politicians career and we watch as they shed their beast like skin and become again the man they once were- albeit a little battered and bruised. One cannot help but feel…

0 Comments / 17/12/2013