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Public opinion and the young people who voted leave

Tension brews on the streets of Britain between Leave and Remain voters, facilitated by misinformation and careless reporting; I would like to discuss the facts   My Facebook feed is at war today. People who voted Remain are accusing the…

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Britain is ‘OUT’

Stand back. Take a breath … and watch. Today is a truly historic moment. Britain has left the EU   How did BREXIT happen? The night started with a disappointing result for Remain, only taking 50.7 per cent of the vote in…

0 Comments / 24/06/2016

Good Morning Britain, Goodbye EU – Britain Set for Brexit as over 51.5% vote to leave

The 24th June will be a historic day as Britain is set for Brexit with over 51.5 per% voting to leave ‘June 23rd will be known as Britain’s Independence Day!’ declared Nigel Farage, Leader of UKIP. In the early hours of…

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Live EU Referendum Results

Live EU Referendum Results as they come in Gibraltar – 95.91% Remain Newcastle upon Tyne – 50.70% Remain Orkney Islands – 63.16% Remain Clackmannanshire – 57.78% Remain Sunderland – 61.34% Leave Foyle – 78.2% Remain Isles of Scilly – 56.3% Remain…

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The ‘Tsunami’ Politics that’s rocked the UK Brexit Debate

Whatever happens today, the past couple of months have shown the true state of British politics   Is the United Kingdom becoming the global capital? Is Brexit the first choice of the British people? The Tsunami of Brexit is taking…

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