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BREXIT Lesson Number 1 – The Reshaping of British Politics

It is not possible to rule the people without understanding them. Many revolutions have started this way and Brexit is no different — it is the people’s revolution   A new Prime Minister. A Labour leadership contest. A day which…

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Brexit: A Youth Prospective

Brexit: A Youth Prospective Download Brexit: A Youth Prospective | Launch Event Write Up On the 17th of November at the Frontline Club in London, Shout Out UK launched Brexit: A Youth Perspective. Brexit: A Youth Perspective consists of various policy…

1 Comment / 30/06/2016

Why Young People Don’t Believe in Politics Anymore

Young voters are turning down their call to the polls, politicians should listen to them   I have always been keen on watching political debates on television, trying to grasp the ideology of each party. However, lately it occurred to…

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Public opinion and the young people who voted leave

Tension brews on the streets of Britain between Leave and Remain voters, facilitated by misinformation and careless reporting; I would like to discuss the facts   My Facebook feed is at war today. People who voted Remain are accusing the…

2 Comments / 29/06/2016

Britain is ‘OUT’

Stand back. Take a breath … and watch. Today is a truly historic moment. Britain has left the EU   How did BREXIT happen? The night started with a disappointing result for Remain, only taking 50.7 per cent of the vote in…

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