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Pros and Cons of the UK Leaving the EU

Still undecided? Fret not. Here is a breakdown of the essentials to help you with last-minute decisions    Pros: The UK would no longer have to pay membership fees, which are estimated to be about 11 per cent of the…

1 Comment / 23/06/2016

The Final Word – Vote with your heart!

It has come. Nothing more remains than to stand by your choice and cast it. Let’s do that then, without fear and with hope — whatever may come   For weeks the topic of conversation has been the EU debate. Britain…

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Brexit’s international tug-of-war

It’s not just Britain’s business what happens to Britain. From Russia to Australia, everyone has something to lose or gain in this historic referendum   Given that the referendum on the European Union deals with a key aspect of the…

0 Comments / 22/06/2016

Britain, it’s time to go home

Before the end of this week we will know the outcome of Britain’s fate in the EU. Whatever that outcome will be, we must not be bullied or pressured, but choose with an aim to victory   ‘This great friendship…

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Why students don’t want to Brexit

If you’re baffled by the figures showing the number of students in favour of Remain, don’t be. It’s actually perfectly rational   The EU has a large impact on the lives of students in Britain, from entrance to university to…

1 Comment / 20/06/2016