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EU Democracy Promotion‏: What is it and Why it Matters

How does the EU try to promote democracy in countries around the world? This film looks at the obligations the EU has to promote democratic values beyond its borders, and how it puts these obligations into practice. With expert views…

0 Comments / 13/06/2016

How the spirit of hope and anger is ravaging Western politics

Hope is powerful, anger causes change. The establishment should take heed of the growing resentment   Whether it be on the continent, here in the UK or across the Atlantic in America, the ‘status-quo’ that has ruled for decades is…

0 Comments / 10/06/2016

The Euro as political football

Making one mistake doesn’t entail that the source is untrustworthy, yet that is what Leave campaigners seem to be saying about Remain   One of the points hammered home hardest by Vote Leave campaigners is how the same ‘experts’ who…

0 Comments / 09/06/2016

EU Debate: a symbol of today’s chaotic politics

Cameron’s latest EU election ploy has been more catastrophic than anyone could have imagined   When campaigning for re-election, David Cameron pledged that Britain would be given a voice over its membership of the European Union. We were to be reformed…

0 Comments / 08/06/2016

IN or OUT: The EU Youth Debate on Brexit

MORE IMAGES 18:00-20:00, Committee Room 12 in the Houses of Parliament was a chance for those within to get a new angle on the forthcoming EU Referendum on the 23rd June in a debate organised by Shout Out UK. The…

4 Comments / 07/06/2016