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Social Media Key to Winning Young Vote

Youth charity vInspired is calling on all party leaders to pledge to deliver their top five election promises affecting under 25s on Twitter following low turn out of under 25s at the ballot. Following last week’s local and European elections,…

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UKIP: Victory for the Lazy Party?

It was rumoured that the back slapping and applauding taking place within UKIP HQ on Sunday, had been heard in all depths of the country. Allegedly, reaching Alex Salmond’s subdued haunt in Scotland, as UKIP achieved their goal: victory at…

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Nigel Farage

TORPEDO RUNNING: UKIP Smashes all 3 main parties.

While you were Kipping this reporter was up all night watching the local election results come in. Despite a smear campaign orchestrated by the Conservatives in cahoots with The Daily Telegraph and surprisingly The Guardian, Submarine UKIP romped home with…

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