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5 truths behind university life: advice from a second year

 Starting university this year? A bit anxious? Don’t fret, here are my insider’s words of wisdom to get you through that first year For those of you who have just got your results and are going to the university of…

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General Election 2015: The end of the UK as we know it?

The general election has come and gone in the blink of an eye, yet it appears to be back to usual business in the Westminster bubble. The polls meant that people like me thought that by now the parties would…

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LIVE: UK 2015 General Election Coverage

70% of young people are now registered to vote. With the poll’s opening today will we see the biggest youth turn out in a general election since 1964? We will be giving you live coverage as the polls open and…

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Politics: what is it good for?

In the run-up to the general elections, a new series of day schools on the theme of ‘Politics: what is it good for?’ will be rolled out by WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) from February to the end of April 2015….

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