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‘It’: The monster killing informed debate

It may not be a demonic clown, but a real evil force is spreading round town and killing our democratic sap   It has been revealed that in the spring of 2015, with over a year until polling day, as…

0 Comments / 07/09/2017

Is the concept of an ‘LGBT society’ on thin ice?

As society progresses*, we must start asking ourselves some serious questions. If socially liberal people are determined to break down barriers and move toward a more tolerant world, it is perhaps time to take a fresh approach in our method….

0 Comments / 06/09/2017

What the US history books don’t want you to know about female voting rights

It took a history class and some independent research to figure out that books don’t always tell us the whole truth, but only that portion of it which fits the current politics.   In History class, I was studying the…

0 Comments / 27/07/2017

Donald Trump, the ESTABLISHMENT has you!

The President’s rogue handling of international affairs may be, slowly, coming to an end with the establishment tightening his collar   Trump’s appeal to forgotten America was forged by his anti-establishment rhetoric. For them, he offered something different from the…

0 Comments / 13/07/2017

Trump dumped from Queen’s Speech, let’s hope he gets the message

As the Queen’s Speech became a game of Bingo for the commentariat on what measures would not be included that existed in the Conservatives’ manifesto (conveniently deleted from the Conservative Party website), the humiliation continued for Theresa May and her…

0 Comments / 23/06/2017