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Doing it HIS way: Trump’s pub politics does America no favours

Defending Russia and an unflinching outspokenness. Donald Trump’s frankness has the world divided and wondering whether America gained a saviour or a demolition man.   Donald Trump’s administration has faced a lot of criticism, and rightly so. This criticism has…

0 Comments / 08/05/2017

Michael Bublé: Defying the odds and keeping jazz alive

Michael Bublé reveals his tough beginning in the music industry: The story of a young aspiring jazz crooner who went ‘bank to bank’ to find an investor for his career and sang Paul Anka’s ‘My Way’ to Paul Anka himself….

0 Comments / 13/04/2017

Under The Gun: America’s loaded liberty

Last night I watched a film that began with the words, ‘By the end of this film, twenty-two people will have been shot in the USA; six of them will die’. Yes, I had chosen to watch a film about gun control in the…

1 Comment / 12/04/2017

The Young Pope: Jude Law’s titanic comeback to the small screen

‘Who are you Lenny?’ ‘I am a contradiction. I’m God: one in three and three in one. Like Mary, virgin and mother. Like man, good and evil’.   Lenny Belardo — or rather, Jude Law in the role of the…

0 Comments / 10/04/2017

Four Nifty Hacking Secrets of the CIA

The Center of Cyber Intelligence (CCI), is the hacking division of the CIA. The CCI has over a thousand hacking systems that have targeted Apple products, Windows, Smart TVs and Androids. WikiLeaks recently released an article covering some of the…

0 Comments / 23/03/2017