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119 communities were destroyed to make way for Rio’s Olympics

Blood, sweat and tears — and no, I’m not talking about the athletes …   The Olympics in Brazil has only put additional stress on an already strained market, and a country stricken by poverty with a dysfunctional health system….

0 Comments / 19/08/2016

Rio’s favelas: Caught in Drugs, Violence and Injustice

How far would you go for a better life? Murder, drug dealing and a life expectancy of 21, that’s how far   ‘Oh my God, a gun, a gun, it’s a gun’, Paralympian Liesl Tesch recalled. On June 19, two…

1 Comment / 11/07/2016 /

Double crime in Ecuador: The controversial case of two backpackers

Two friends raped and murdered and still the public criticises the parents instead of the perpetrators   Montañita is a very well known beach in Ecuador among tourists; many people go there with friends to have a good time and party….

0 Comments / 21/03/2016

Colombia and FARC peace talks: Just a Farce?

While conflicts continue to take place involving al-Qaeda, Israel and Palestine, and various others, it looks as if the world could have one less conflict in the future. As it stands, in La Habana, Cuba, peace talks are taking place…

0 Comments / 27/11/2014

Whither democracy? The effectiveness of term limits

Soon after my article about the ambiguous stance in Ecuador towards human rights was published, President Rafael Correa and his ruling party, Alianza País, submitted a proposal to the national assembly to end the two-term limit for the presidency. Alianza…

0 Comments / 06/10/2014