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Why the UK should follow Colombia in reducing gang violence

In Colombia a revolutionary new idea is being used to tackle gang culture: hip hop music …   Young people gather at a community centre to express their opinions about social injustice and peace, using hip hop. Although this type…

0 Comments / 16/11/2017

Lost Amazon Tribesmen Slaughtered: Beyond the Headlines

In September 2017, it was reported in the UK press that 10 members of a ‘lost’ Amazon tribe had been slaughtered by gold miners in Brazil. The incident took place in the Jarvai valley in the Amazon. Gold mining in this region…

0 Comments / 05/10/2017

Colombia: Raising their voice against the shrill of drills

In Colombia, oil companies find fertile grounds but difficult to overrule communities.    As many as 98 per cent of residents voted to block a mining project which would have had destructive effects on the urban population and the local…

0 Comments / 01/06/2017

119 communities were destroyed to make way for Rio’s Olympics

Blood, sweat and tears — and no, I’m not talking about the athletes …   The Olympics in Brazil has only put additional stress on an already strained market, and a country stricken by poverty with a dysfunctional health system….

0 Comments / 19/08/2016

Rio’s favelas: Caught in Drugs, Violence and Injustice

How far would you go for a better life? Murder, drug dealing and a life expectancy of 21, that’s how far   ‘Oh my God, a gun, a gun, it’s a gun’, Paralympian Liesl Tesch recalled. On June 19, two…

1 Comment / 11/07/2016 /