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Relying On Connectivity For Your Kids’ Education

It’s a wonderful world out there. We can see, hear, and learn about anything on the planet with a few touches of the screen. No wonder schools are investing so heavily in technology these days. It’s also opening up many…

0 Comments / 24/04/2017

Studies prove technology damages health

Throughout the United States, university professors and students spend hours conducting research and collecting data, in order to further help themselves understand the human mind and body. Research topics can range from youth obesity to medical advancements and cures, but…

0 Comments / 19/04/2017

What It Takes to Earn Big as a Gamer: The Basics

You hear about people who have made money playing video games all the time. Some of the most famous YouTubers started off talking about or sharing video games. But are these people really making money just sitting around playing games?…

0 Comments / 17/04/2017

Quantified and Sorted: The ugly truth of datafication

October 2015: ‘Cash Investigation’. An investigative French channel programme conducted a striking enquiry about the activities of firms trading personal data to optimise their activity and expand their market share. Large business groups such as Apple or Carrefour have based to a…

0 Comments / 28/03/2017

Four Nifty Hacking Secrets of the CIA

The Center of Cyber Intelligence (CCI), is the hacking division of the CIA. The CCI has over a thousand hacking systems that have targeted Apple products, Windows, Smart TVs and Androids. WikiLeaks recently released an article covering some of the…

0 Comments / 23/03/2017