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Making A Bad First Impression

It has been brought to my attention that I can sometimes make a bad ‘first impression’ — which, I suppose, is a nice way of saying people REALLY don’t like you when they meet you. And once you’ve been hit…

0 Comments / 22/02/2017

Corbyn: The raven that won’t leave

Jeremy Corbyn may consider himself an embodiment of Labour’s values, but he is signing not only his party into the history books, but also threatening the interests of British democracy.   The Labour Party in its traditional appeal has run…

1 Comment / 16/02/2017

Mental Health Crisis: Deaths up by 50 per cent

Over the past few years, conversations about mental health issues have grown in popularity. Whilst it is still a touchy and sensitive topic, most of us no longer approach having a psychological problem as a taboo subject. More importantly, many…

1 Comment / 15/02/2017

Exclusive! Luis Alvardo: A realistic view of the future

In an Exclusive and far-reaching interview, Luis Alvarado offered a realist’s view of the future for younger people and the organisations and governments that rule us.   The President of the European Youth Forum has managed to escape from falling…

0 Comments / 15/02/2017

Fifty Shades Darker: is this what women want?

Romance; the epitome of love, a sanctuary for bliss and a place in which we can all, quite easily, lose our heads.   That image is definitely the fairytale provocateur of love, but very far from the truth in the…

0 Comments / 14/02/2017