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Striking a Healthy Balance: The Celeb Diets Taking the Headlines

Diets are always a tricky subject in modern society. On the one hand, a shocking 26.9 per cent of Britons are obese, making us the most obese country in Europe. So, it’s not unreasonable to think that slimming down should…

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May needs to kiss and make up if she is to count on US’ support

Theresa May has another issue on her hands. An irritation at the other side of the Atlantic. Her freedom to respond is limited, but her next steps could easily define her.   Donald Trump, the leader of the free world,…

0 Comments / 07/12/2017

The Importance of Teamwork in Business and Beyond

Teamwork can often fly under the radar but it’s one of the most worthwhile traits you can possess in your career and in life generally. When you’re able to work well with other people, you benefit in so many different…

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The rise and fall of Glynis Breakwell: Punished for being too successful?

When I got into the University of Bath, I was extremely excited, as I had just been accepted into one of the top universities in the country. I studied a degree in BSc Social Sciences alongside a sandwich placement year….

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What It Means to be Let Down by a Medical Professional

In society there are certain authoritative institutes filled with authoritative individuals, educated in the field’s knowledge and ways. One of the most significant of these happens to be medical science and those who dedicate their lives to working in medicine:…

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