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New Scientist Conference: To infinity and beyond!

Have you wondered whether there is a Second Earth? Have you wondered whether diseases can be curedfixed for good? Do you know who Margaret Atwood is? And, have you heard of the Hainan Gibbon? I set out to find the…

0 Comments / 20/10/2017

Why the British pivot to Asia may end before it begins

In 2011 Barack Obama’s administration launched the ‘Pivot to East Asia’. A new foreign policy aimed at steering the United States’ geopolitical strategy to the Asian continent. The main reasons for this new approach were the rise of China as…

0 Comments / 19/10/2017

Brexit Report: Britain’s Youth have their say

This evening the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People released a report on the concerns and priorities for Britain’s youth during the Brexit negotiations. We opened it and analysed the findings.   The report, compiled…

0 Comments / 18/10/2017

Breakthrough as Stoptober Campaign Supports E-Cigs For The First Time

Every year in the UK, as October approaches, Public Health England and the National Health Service (NHS) roll out their campaign to get the Great British public to quit smoking. Named Stoptober, this 28-day challenge seeks to help smokers quit,…

0 Comments / 16/10/2017

Why the Brexit referendum shows us direct democracy fails

Today we hail Athenian democracy as a model example of the perfect political system. However, when the Athenian people gathered in their town squares to raise their hands in favour or not in favour, they were voting on whether to…

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