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May’s Grand Tory Party Plan: Erase and reconquer

An election to assert Mrs May’s own Tory identity, is what this is all about. Perhaps, it was back in March when Philip Hammond was forced to make an embarrassing U-turn over plans to raise national insurance for the self-employed,…

0 Comments / 27/04/2017

Angle away anxiety: 8 reasons why fishing is good for you

Are you looking for an outdoor pastime that’s good for your health? Do you need some time out? Then fishing could be the answer. Life is so frantic it can be a challenge to slow down and devote time to…

0 Comments / 25/04/2017

To Be A Successful Business Person, Do These Things

So, you want to be a successful business person. You’re probably aware that it’s easier said than done! Here are a few things you can do if you want to increase your chances of success:`   Focus On Creating An…

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Relying On Connectivity For Your Kids’ Education

It’s a wonderful world out there. We can see, hear, and learn about anything on the planet with a few touches of the screen. No wonder schools are investing so heavily in technology these days. It’s also opening up many…

0 Comments / 24/04/2017

Online voting is the only way to stop politicians being elected on less than 50% turnout

After watching BBC’s ‘Meet the Lords’ series, it struck me, how stale the epicentre of British politics has become; that being Westminster.   Although I’m certainly not advocating the wholesale eradication of traditions within the Houses of Parliament, which are…

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