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What Does Brexit Mean for International Students in the UK?

After the shock decision for Britain to exit the EU, there has been an endless supply of political uncertainty, which will continue until new policies have been decided upon and finalised. Along with the people. The stability of the UK…

0 Comments / 22/09/2017

Labour’s tactical swing to the liberal youth threatens REVENGE by 2019

The Labour Party Conference begins on Sunday in Brighton. Conferences are a time for parties to unveil new policy ideas, decide internal matters and for the leader to either bask in glory or avoid being stabbed in the back. Corbyn…

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Referendum Round Two: More detailed vote for a more informed choice

In the aftermath of last year’s EU Referendum result a petition calling for a second referendum was signed by over two million people. Fifteen months on and a similar petition, appealing to both sides, has been created.   The petition,…

0 Comments / 21/09/2017

Does Working from Home Reduce Workforce Morale?

Thanks to technology, people are now able to work from practically anywhere in the world at any time. There’s more than four million employees in the UK who all work from the comfort of their own home. Seen as a…

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Love, Sex and The Hormones Behind It All

Love and sex. Two things that fuel the world right? The one thing that has been written about in novels and poems more than any other theme in the world. Why is it that humans feel so inspired by love?…

1 Comment / 20/09/2017