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John McDonnell on dancing on the picket lines

Matteo Bergamini from Shout Out UK sits down with Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, to discuss a host of different issues ranging from young people, politics in schools, mental health, austerity and dancing on the picket lines.

0 Comments / 09/11/2017

#TimeToTalk – A Short Film About Mental Health

#TimeToTalk is a short film produced by Shout Out UK to celebrate 2017’s World Mental Health Day. Music: ‘Seen It All’ by Jake Bugg from his 2012 self-titled debut album. The film is a mosaic of 5 interviewees suffering from…

0 Comments / 10/10/2017

Lost Amazon Tribesmen Slaughtered: Beyond the Headlines

In September 2017, it was reported in the UK press that 10 members of a ‘lost’ Amazon tribe had been slaughtered by gold miners in Brazil. The incident took place in the Jarvai valley in the Amazon. Gold mining in this region…

0 Comments / 05/10/2017

Does Education=Employment? Here’s Why A Degree Is NEVER a Waste of Time!

When it comes to education, it’s never a waste of time. People can argue that a degree doesn’t mean as much these days because everyone has one, or that it’s possible to get a well-paid job without one. And while…

0 Comments / 20/09/2017

Shout Out UK ‘Political’ Film Based In Herne Bay Heads to Cannes

The creative team behind One in a Million, a London Film School & Shout Out UK co-production, is heading to Cannes this week with the film playing in the 2017 Short Film Corner.   One in a Million is a…

0 Comments / 24/05/2017