The Ultimate Political Learning Experience.


Our Subscription service provides your students with the tools necessary to engage in politics and a platform to shout out and be heard. Spearheaded by our Political Literacy Course – and supplemented by a host of different infographics, videos, articles, workshops and events – we give you a one-stop-shop for political learning and enrichment.

Our Subscription service incorporates the teacher-led teaching of our online course and ad-hoc facilitator-led workshops on a variety of issues ranging from filmmaking to human rights. The idea being that we bring the best of both worlds, with the aim of minimising cost, whilst maximising benefit to students.

Our service is a year-long package which would give you access to all our various workshops, our Political Literacy Course (both online and offline versions) and exclusive films to use as you see fit with your students.

How it works:

  1. Once your school is interested, we need a few hours to onboard the lead teacher with our system. They will be taught how to login to the system to access the online Political Literacy Course materials, sign up students and book workshops/film screenings.
  2. Your school will then be given access to all online materials (games, videos, slideshows etc.) and a teacher walk-thru which can be shared throughout the school teaching staff. Done!


Improvement in Political Literacy & Democracy Education

The Course will enhance your students understanding of local and national politics. At the end of the Course they will have gained a clear understanding of how to engage in civic society, as well as the tools necessary to become active in our democracy.

Builds Employability Skills, Self-Esteem & Confidence

The Course places heavy emphasis on the teaching of ‘People Skills’: the art of verbal communication. They promote the ability to speak in public, debate and present a discussion coherently, helping a student’s self-esteem and confidence. Both the ability to speak in public and convey a message coherently is incredibly important in today’s world, particularly when it comes to one’s employment prospects.

Stronger Communities, Promoting Activism and Resilience

The Course shows young people that politics is in everything we do in life; so it pays to be involved. This develops their critical thinking, communication skills and emotional resilience.

Unit Award Scheme Certificate

We are registered with AQA for the delivery of the Unit Award Scheme (UAS). Upon successful completion of each unit in the Course, students will receive a UAS certificate from AQA.


Enrichment, British Values and Prevent requirements

Key components of a school’s Enrichment, British Values and Prevent requirements are met and evidenced.

Fits into Pupil Premium Funding

As our Course and workshops aim to boost oracy skills and political engagement, it is ideal for Pupil Premium Funding as it helps bridge the socio-economic gap of students with the above skills and knowledge.


Employers are calling for a generation with stronger people skills and emotional resilience. Our programmes do just that as they push a student’s comfort zone, challenging their opinion and building their confidence to ensure that your students not only are aware of the world around them but feel the confidence to express their opinions in a clear, coherent way.

Outsource your Enrichment & Engagement

Teachers are becoming incredibly busy with more work, leaving less time to find external facilitators and workshops to enrich students’ lives and education. Our Subscription service covers you for the year! We will help and offer everything you could need to help enrich your curriculum; from career enhancement workshops, educational entertainment, teaching supplements and confidence boosters, we have them all.


Interested in subscribing your school, youth group or club?

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What Is Included?

1. Our Platform

Students gain access to our digital platform for debate and discussion with over 600,000 young people across the UK and globe.

2. Video & Graphics

Access to our ever-growing video & media library packed with explainer videos, provocative interviews with political commentators (including Peter Hitchens, Russell Brand and Katie Hopkins) and short films to help stimulate class or assembly discussion.

3. Access to our Flagship Political Literacy Course

Access to our Political Literacy Course, either digitally for you to run as and when you want, or an exclusive offline version which we run ourselves with our specially-trained facilitators.

4. Workshops

Access to workshops throughout the year on a variety of issues and topics including, but not limited to: Parliamentary debating, human rights, journalism, filmmaking and entrepreneurship.

5. Speakers

Access to our network of speakers who are happy to do talks in your school.


“The students who attended have said that they found it very interesting and one of them has been inspired to apply to become a member of the UK Youth Parliament!”

– Joanne Radiven, Teacher, Northgate Barnet School PRU

“Understanding Politics is key to understanding how society works. Shout Out UK’s Political Literacy Course supports students in developing their political awareness so they can take a more active role in society. After sitting in on several lessons with Shout Out UK and our students, I can honestly say it has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop their knowledge and awareness of current affairs as well as their ability to speak in public, debate and present a discussion coherently. This has also helped students to develop their self-esteem and confidence.”

– Roisin Murray, Teacher, Bentley Wood High School, Harrow

“At EEWB we believe that every child, regardless of background or circumstance, deserves a chance to succeed in life. We see the political literacy program as a key intervention program to supporting our belief, whilst educating young people about the laws and structures of a democratic society and engaging them as responsible citizens. This course is most beneficial to our learners and the positive outcomes we have documented are commendable.”

– JP Thangavalu, Director at EEWB Reform School (Pupil Referral Unit), Croydon

“Young people have important, inspiring contributions to make to politics and yet their voices are too often ignored. This course can help equip them with the tools to challenge decision makers better.”

– Fatima Manji, Channel 4 News

“Many of us have been crying out for neutral and balanced political education in schools for years. As Labour’s youngest MP I know how engaged and intellectually curious this generation is – but often they are failed by a system which does not provide them with even the most basic of political literacy they need to form their own judgement on the decisions being made in their name. Provided with the tools of political literacy combined with the networked information age, this generation has the potential to be the most knowledgeable, the most challenging and the most important political generation for many years – the important work for Shout Out UK begins that process.”

– Louise Haigh, Member of Parliament and Youngest Labour MP

“Understanding politics is part of being an active and engaged citizen – a civic responsibility – and this course will give you the tools necessary to understand and engage in politics.”

– Prof. Matthew Flinders, Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics



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