Brexit Youth Check

Born after 24 June 1998? If you are, you will not have had a say on Brexit during the referendum, but will be of voting age when the two years between Article 50 being triggered and our deadline to leave is up. Brexit will have an impact on YOU more than anyone else, yet you will have no say… or will you?

We are gathering the thoughts and opinions of young people born after 24 June 1998 for a study of what YOU believe is right. Do you want a say on Brexit once we have a deal on the table, or are you happy for the outcome of the Referendum in 2016 to be taken as final?

We want to know… if you are interested, let us know via the form below.

    If there was a second referendum, would you vote Leave or Remain?*

    Brexit (Leave the EU)Remain in the EU

    Did your opinion change since the Brexit Referendum?*

    Yes, I changed from Remain to LeaveYes, I changed from Leave to RemainNo, I have always been LeaveNo, I have always been Remain

    What inspired you to say Brexit or Remain?*

    Employment/ EconomyTravelEducationHuman RightsEnvironmentIdentity (seeing yourself as European as well)Peace / UnityImmigrationNational sovereigntyOther

    If you marked Other above, let us know what it is!

    As a young person unable to vote in the original referendum (due to being under 18 years of age), should you have a vote on Brexit, once negotionations are concluded?*

    Yes, I want a sayNo, the people have spoken

    Why do you believe you should have a say OR not?

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    e.g. @shoutout_uk (We will be using the hashtag #YouthLeaders between now and the election, so feel free to share and send in further questions and join the debate via twitter.)

    Please read the below terms and conditions linked with this application*

    We reserve the right to remove the contribution you make should it be deemed inappropriate. Your data and answers will not be shared with 3rd parties and will be kept for a limited period only for the sole and exclusive purpose of our study with possible publication on our website and others associated with the project. Your responses will be anonymised. By clicking you agree to the terms above and our general Terms and Conditions found on this website.
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