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What is Political Literacy?

Political Literacy is the basic skill set needed for citizens to participate in our society’s government. It includes an understanding of how our government works and how to think critically about different points of view. It also requires the ability to analyse the information we use to formulate our opinions, otherwise known as Media Literacy.

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Recent events across the globe, the spread of online misinformation and disinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, and the ongoing threat of climate change have all shown us that democracies are fragile.

The most effective way to strengthen them is to ensure their citizens are empowered through education. This education is Political Literacy and it needs to start now.

Shout Out UK is leading a coalition of organisations dedicated to safeguarding democracy by ensuring its citizens have the tools they need to understand their democracy and not get caught out by misinformation..

We aim to show why Political Literacy is #WorthTeaching.

Let’s give democracy a fighting chance

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