Politics in Schools – Campaign For Political Literacy

AIM: To bring political education to schools as a separate core subject

More and more young people in Britain are becoming interested in politics, yet are being halted from getting involved by one simple problem… they don’t know how to.

The campaign proposes that politics and the education of democracy need to have a higher priority in schools.

Political education needs to teach students how the government works, how new laws are introduced, the differences in neighbouring democratic countries and finally how to become directly involved in British Politics: offering young people an inroad into British democracy, its benefits and our responsibility as citizens.

Politics is part of everyone’s life, saying “I don’t find it interesting” won’t make you immune to the government’s laws. Politics is not football, if you’re interested or not, it doesn’t matter, you should know how your country is run:

Help give young people this chance, it is our right as well as our duty.


Politics and Schools, how to get more young people involved – Register
Wednesday, 14 October 2015 from 18:00 to 20:00 in Parliament.
Some of the youngest politicians from the 3 largest parties are coming together to discuss why they got involved in politics, what drove them to persue a career in it and how they think we, as a society, can get more young people involved in political discussion. Join us in parliament on the 14th October to discuss how we can get the next generation more interested and involved in Politics!