Top data / social impact:

    • 40 members aged 16-25.
    • 55% of YPDG members live in the most deprived areas according to the index of multiple deprivation decile.
    • 27.5% of YPDG members have a disability.
    • Regarding sex/gender identity: 20 (50%) of participants identified as Female, 16 (40% ) identified as Male, and 4 (10%) identified as Non-binary.
    • 32% of YPDG members have or currently receive Free School Meals.

Quotes or testimonials from Youth Policy Development Group members:

      • “The training has been absolutely phenomenal. I have a clear understanding on how government policy is developed, have acquired notable life skills and have extended my knowledge on important social topics.”
      • “The training has been exemplary. It is extremely engaging, interactive and effective. I have learnt an incredible amount over the past few months, with every session I feel that I am even more equipped and politically empowered. Spencer, Lucie and Ollie have been absolutely amazing, they left no stone overturned.”
      • “I think collaborating with ministers is the highlight of working as a YPDG member. It enables me to learn from those more experienced as well as feel as though I’m making a difference by having my thoughts heard by those with an extended reach”

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