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Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband Calls For Political Education In Schools

Ed Miliband, the former leader of the Labour Party, called for political education to be taught in schools last night at a Conference fringe event.   The event, Votes at 16 — How To Stop Teenage Voter Suppression, was organised…

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McDonnell’s ‘New Deal’ Provides Economic Alternative To Tory Austerity

At 12.15 today, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, took to the stage of Labour Party Conference to lay out a bold, economic ‘New Deal’ for the UK. Since arriving in Brighton yesterday, one thing has stuck out: the…

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Momentum: The Saviours of British Democracy?

Last year in Liverpool, Momentum’s The World Transformed festival was one of the highlights of Labour Party Conference. This year, the festival has not only returned – but cemented itself as one of the most important and exciting parts of the…

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Labour’s tactical swing to the liberal youth threatens REVENGE by 2019

The Labour Party Conference begins on Sunday in Brighton. Conferences are a time for parties to unveil new policy ideas, decide internal matters and for the leader to either bask in glory or avoid being stabbed in the back. Corbyn…

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