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World Poetry Day: 5 Slam Poets You need to Hear

March 21 marks World Poetry Day, a day created to celebrate the diversity and beauty of languages, along with celebrating the historical importance of poems. In honor of World Poetry Day, Shout Out UK has created a list of some…

0 Comments / 21/03/2017

Dust & Liberty: The poetry of Maram al-Masri

A poem can reveal more of the truth than an entire book or article. Facts and statistics can be misconstrued, even distorted in the wrong hands; but a poem says everything it needs to, candidly, thoughtfully.   If I told…

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London, I Love You

London: a city that weeps and laughs, protects and embraces, stays faithful …   When I first heard about you, people were so proud to know you All I heard were compliments, so if I didn’t go with you I’d…

0 Comments / 28/04/2016

Poetry Session: A Poem for Shakespeare

The infamous Bard, he’s timeless, he’s a genius and his work brings joy. Why I read Shakespeare: Because life is alight with the words of Shakespeare and he didn’t need slang to sound good. Because Macbeth’s consumption with power and…

2 Comments / 09/03/2016

Poetry Break: His Conscience

‘Conscience’, takes you for a dark ride into the depths of human despair and careless actions that ultimately become irreparable I’m an emotional wreck And I’m about one more threat away from pointing this gun at my neck Have I…

0 Comments / 30/09/2015