CEO & Founder
Matteo Bergamini

Matteo Bergamini is the Founder and CEO of multi-award winning education platform and creative social enterprise, Shout Out UK, which has worked with over 1,000 schools to deliver courses and workshops on political and media literacy. Since establishing the company aged 22, Matteo has spoken at events across the world, has given evidence before House of Lords select committees, and was the driving force behind the high-profile Channel 4 Youth Leaders’ Debate in 2015. He has a BA in Politics & History and a Graduate Diploma in Law.

Managing Editor
Diana Aganey

Diana Aganey, to use the words of someone older and wiser, is a “poet, philosopher and journalist”. Having finished her studies at St Andrews University, she now prefers to dedicate her time to writing while exploring herself and the world around her.

Head of Educational Technology
Lucie Spicer

Lucie Spicer is the Head of Education and Technology at Shout Out UK. This is a fancy way of saying that she deals with updating and creating all curriculum that Shout Out UK produce. Having extensive experience in delivery Lucie is passionate about creating education that is engaging and gives real-life skills. A dedicated believer in the role of education and technology being a force of good. Lucie joined Shout Out UK to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to engage in the society they live in.

Head of Policy & Stakeholder Relations
Ralitsa Raleva

Ralitsa Raleva is a graduate King’s College London, where she has done a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Prior to coming to London, she studied in Germany, where she became actively involved in community and charity work in her school. In her first year of university she became interested in civil participation and its effects on democratic life. This is one of the reasons why she wanted to join Shout Out UK — to promote political education and engage young people from early onwards in political and associational life.

Project & Communications Coordinator
Olive Baring

Olive is really excited by Shout Out UK’s mission to inspire young people to get engaged with politics because she sees this as foundational to a healthy democracy. She believes everyone can find politics interesting and should not be afraid to ask questions. She has recently completed a master’s degree in Religion in Global Politics at SOAS and loves thinking deeply about issues that affect our society. Her undergraduate degree was in Religion and Theology at the University of Bristol. In between her degrees she worked for an education charity in Cambodia.

Digital Communications Officer
Spencer Caminsky

Originally from Canada, Spencer moved to the UK 9 years ago. He graduated from the University of St Andrews, studying English Literature. At University, Spencer managed all communications for an international leadership organisation, wrote for a range of news publications, and tutored students at GCSE and A-Level. As a tutor, and as a student of Government and Politics at A-Level, Spencer recognised both the need and the demand for Political Literacy in British schools. He joined Shout Out UK to empower young people, giving them the tools they needed to solve complex political problems, and change the world.

Head of Policy & Stakeholder Relations
Maddy Page

Having worked with young people in an arts and educational context throughout her degree, Maddy is excited to contribute to Shout Out UK’s work following the completion of her studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford. The general lack of institutionalised political education in British schools is shocking, and the opportunity to help combat such an important issue is one she can’t wait to get stuck into. During her degree, she was heavily involved with Access schemes, and can’t wait to translate this passion for educational equality into her work with Shout Out UK.

Communications Officer
Ellie Fishleigh

Ellie has produced some of the BBC’s biggest political programmes, output edited a current affairs show and interviewed the odd Cabinet minister in her work as a freelance journalist. She holds a first class degree in International Relations from King’s College London and a Gold Standard Diploma in Journalism from the NCTJ. With the aid of humour and debate, Ellie wants to show young people that politics is interesting, nay entertaining, if you have your own lie detector and jargon translator, that is!

Aaron Roach Bridgeman

Aaron is a presenter on the Sky 1 series What’s Up TV covering everything in youth culture from fashion, current events, arts and events, comedy, and music. As well as working for ‘What’s Up’ Aaron made his name as the main presenter for SB.TV where he has interviewed some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. As well as presenting and contributing to entertainment shows, Aaron has a passion for making documentaries and finding interesting and compelling stories especially social and political ones. He has displayed this in the 6 productions he has presented for Channel 5.

Board of Directors

Matteo Bergamini

Stephen Page

Raj Sharma