sea osuji

Sea Osuji


Sea is a researcher, live sound engineer and artistic producer, working with creative companies/venues across the UK. They became drawn to policy-making, discovering societal issues, and means of political representation, whilst studying A-level politics, and sociology at Leyton Sixth Form College, London.

Now a Media Production graduate, they are particularly passionate about advocating for racial and gender representation, and for the neurodiverse and LGBTQIA communities within the creative industries (as well as on a general level).

Sea is dedicated to spreading political literacy to young people like themself, encouraging people to discover ways through which they can get their cause(s) recognised by the government.

They believe in the importance of research towards building functional solutions to social inadequacies.

Current collaborations include:
– a sector development consultancy with the Black Country Creative Freelancers’ Network,
– a research project with Steamhouse (Birmingham),
– the Youth Steering Committee at We Don’t Settle, among others.