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Carol Lau

‘Comfort Woman’ Statue: War victims denied justice

The Comfort Woman statue seems to glisten with tears when justice is denied by the Japanese Government and its long-time accomplice, the South Korean Government.   Every statue carries a meaning. While the Statue of Liberty promises freedom and consoles…

0 Comments / 26/01/2017

Punish or Perish: North Korea’s looming nuclear threat

If the possibility of a nuclear war sounds like a good plot for a blockbuster film, then North Korea could soon turn that plot into a reality.   On the 9th of September, North Korea shocked the world with its…

0 Comments / 27/12/2016

South China Sea: A Sino-Philippine Conflict turned Multinational Rivalry

As China refuses to acknowledge official court ruling asking that it relinquish its claim over the South China Sea, some view this as an opportunity for gain, while others fear losses   ‘China, hands off the Philippines’, the Filipinos voiced…

1 Comment / 03/08/2016 /

Rio’s favelas: Caught in Drugs, Violence and Injustice

How far would you go for a better life? Murder, drug dealing and a life expectancy of 21, that’s how far   ‘Oh my God, a gun, a gun, it’s a gun’, Paralympian Liesl Tesch recalled. On June 19, two…

1 Comment / 11/07/2016 /

Cosmetics and Politics: What Hong Kong wants from Lancôme

Being friendly to animals is not enough, a company must respect its customers’ freedoms   Cosmetic brands often build their reputation on products’ quality, value and a cruelty-free production process. Recently, Lancôme and its parent company L’Oréal tarnished their image…

0 Comments / 17/06/2016 /