We believe that Political Literacy education should be as widespread as possible, and available to all citizens in and out of school, regardless of their socio-economic background, ethnicity, or gender. Do you?

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Job Openings

Pay: £18,720.00 per year.

Location: London

The Position:

You will be joining our small, passionate team to coordinate our education communications. The role involves expanding, improving and running our strategic communications with schools and politicians. The aim is to engage with more schools, young people and MPs/Lords in Parliament.

We are looking for someone with a passion for political literacy and experience with communications and facilitation, who wants to support the expansion of Shout Out UK as an organisation.

The applicant needs to be motivated, dedicated and confident working with young people, teachers and politicians. You will be reporting to our head of Education Technology.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Recruit, coordinate  and support schools and teachers across the UK to take on our political and media literacy course, workshops and projects.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with teachers, and maintain our CRM
  • Seek opportunities to enhance the reputation of the brand, and coordinate events as required.
  • Collaborate with management to develop and implement an effective communications strategy based on our target audience.
  • Support with day-to-day management and supervision of a team of local education project staff, including recruitment, staff evaluation, and on-the-job orientation and training.
  • Assist and support in the design and development of educational materials.
  • Research new topic areas, maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge, and devise and write new curriculum materials.
  • Deliver to schools, youth groups and other organisations our courses, workshops and conferences.
  • Mark work, give appropriate feedback and maintain records of pupils’ progress and development.


  • Excellent writing and communication abilities for relevant target audiences.
  • Good customer service skills, with the ability to answer queries professionally and clearly.
  • Confidence in public speaking in front of large groups of people.
  • Confidence to build and maintain relationships with teachers and politicians.
  • Flexibility and a willingness to get stuck in and help with any tasks the team requires support for.
  • An understanding of and interest in UK politics.
  • Ability to organise, prioritise and manage a diverse workload.
  • Dedication to and passion for political literacy, democratic participation and engagement of young people.
  • Ability to self-motivate and manage own time 


  • Unlimited holidays (we have no cap on paid leave).
  • Being part of an innovative, forward-thinking and engaged workforce.
  • Gaining experience in communications and education.
  • Gaining experience in stakeholder relations.
  • Being a part of an open and creative workplace.
  • Ability to create projects that are close to your passion.
  • Small team, meaning you will be able to get involved in a number of different aspects of work.
  • An important, varied, decision-making role in which you have the power to make positive change.

How To Apply:

Download the application form by clicking ‘Apply’, then send it, with your CV, with the subject line ‘Education Coordinator – ’, to contact@shoutoutuk.org


Freelance Roles & Volunteering

Freelance Facilitators

Pay: £10-15 per hour.

Location: UK wide

The Position:

To deliver unique and high-quality workshops and courses for schools and education groups across the UK.

The facilitator needs to be motivated, dedicated, and confident in working with young people.

No workshop is the same, you may be asked to deliver a media literacy and extremism workshop one week and a climate change workshop another. We pride ourselves on our engaging workshop material.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the delivery of education workshops, courses and programmes as organised by Shout Out UK
  • Ensure all sessions are delivered to a high standard and fit the needs of teachers and pupils and the organisation requirements
  • Be the point of contact for teachers and schools when on site
  • Ensure that delivery of the education workshops is evaluated thoroughly following evaluation procedures as directed by the Head of Education
  • Positively promote Shout Out UK and its core aims and objectives with existing and new contacts


  • Have a DBS
  • Experience in teaching or facilitation with young people
  • Good communication skills.
  • A clear understanding of and interest in current affairs
  • Ability to organise, prioritise and manage a diverse workload
  • Dedication to political and literacy and engagement of young people


  • Experience in teaching
  • Experience in facilitation
  • Being part of a movement to bring Political and
  • Literacy to all young people across the UK, no matter their background.


Interested in WRITING?

We are always looking for up and coming young writers! If you think that’s you, then send us a pitch! We are interested in hearing a fresh, dynamic voice that doesn’t shy away from difficult issues and can write thoughtful, analysis-driven yet entertaining articles.

We pay for good articles.

Submit A Pitch

Interested in VOLUNTEERING?

We are always looking for people and organisations to get involved or partner with and are especially interested in the following:

  • Journalism
  • PR/Marketing collaboration
  • Political Literacy
  • Film/Photography
  • Events Partnership

If you have any of the above interests/skills and are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us!

Volunteer With Us

Location: UK wide

Why consent education?

Teaching young people about consent equips them to better understand and have safe and ethical relationships, in all its form.

Our four-prat course supports young people to understand the law, gender norms, stereotypes and structural factors which may affect their ability to consent, both offline and in the online world.

What we are looking for from our facilitators?

The facilitator needs to be motivated, dedicated, and confident in working with young people.

The facilitator also needs to be confident in talking about controversial issues and sensitive issues.


  • Have a DBS
  • Experience in teaching or facilitation with young people
  • Good communication skills
  • Dedication to teaching about consent and anti-sexual harassment.

Short webinar upcoming!

We are coordinating this project alongside Reclaim These Streets and will be running a short webinar that will outline the role and course in more detail.

If you are interested in this facilitator role could you please fill in the form below?

Thank you!