We believe that Political Literacy education should be as widespread as possible, and available to all citizens in and out of school, regardless of their socio-economic background, ethnicity, or gender. Do you?

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Interested in WRITING?

We are always looking for up and coming young writers! If you think that’s you, then send us a pitch! We are interested in hearing a fresh, dynamic voice that doesn’t shy away from difficult issues and can write thoughtful, analysis-driven yet entertaining articles.

We pay for good articles.

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Interested in VOLUNTEERING?

We are always looking for people and organisations to get involved or partner with and are especially interested in the following:

  • Journalism
  • PR/Marketing collaboration
  • Political Literacy
  • Film/Photography
  • Events Partnership

If you have any of the above interests/skills and are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us!

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