Real Change Starts With Political Literacy

Learn how our Government and Parliament work, how bills become laws and how to critically analyse information in this explosive, entertaining and informative programme that will ensure you become Politically Literate by the end of it!

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Real Change Starts With Political Literacy

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You will get the chance to gain an understanding of how our political system actually works (Political Literacy), as well as Oracy Skills (debating, presenting and public speaking). These transferable skills are highly valuable especially for improving career prospects!

The programme will help you understand how to critically analyse the information you see on social media and in the media, as well as help you identify Misinformation, Disinformation and Fake News easier.

Politics has caused society to become increasingly polarised. This course will teach you how to handle difficult situations, otherwise known as conflict resolution.

From Learning To Action

Our E-Platform amplifies collective action! Chat to those doing the programe in your corner of the world; network, engage, mobalise, campaign and learn together!

At the end of the programme, you will become a part of our exclusive alumni network, and will get the chance to network with other politically literate individuals. Connect at socials, events in Parliament and mobalise to campaign locally and nationally on issues that you collectively care about. The world is shaped by those who understand politics and know how much it impacts their lives.

Real Change Starts With Political Literacy
Real Change Starts With Political Literacy

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  1. British Political Structure:

The British Political System is a confusing mesh of modern and traditional elements. In this lesson you will learn all about how British Political institutions are structured, where power lies, and how we are governed.

2. Voting and Elections:

When you vote, how is it counted? Does one vote mean the same everywhere? What is the difference between a general election and a local election? Learn everything there is to know about voting and elections in Britain. Remember, to vote is to have your voice heard!

3. Democracy and Hansard:

Our politicians run the country. That is a fact. However, our MPs are in place because WE voted them in. So, learn all about how we, the people, can keep up to date with how our country is governed and the laws that are created.

4. Political Ideology and Political Parties:

Right-wing vs Left-wing. Authoritarian vs Libertarian. Conservative vs Labour. In politics there are always opposing sides – that is how everyone’s opinions are heard. Learn all about the differences between ideologies and where the main political parties in Britain stand.

5. Digital & Media Literacy:

With the explosion of digital technology and the birth of social media, mainstream media has transformed. Anyone can now share and create articles for the whole world to read- for free. This comes with its own problems. In this lesson learn to identify and manage fake news, deep fakes, misinformation, bias and disinformation campaigns.

6. Human Rights Act (HRA):

The Human Rights Act brings the ECHR into British Law, meaning that judicial decisions on human rights cases can be reached within the domestic legal system. However, successive governments have started to discuss repealing the HRA and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights. In this lesson learn about the two sides of the argument and how our law on human rights might change.

7. International Relations:

Brexit. Britain’s exit from Europe. This divorce will mean that Britain has to re-imagine its place in the global sphere. In this lesson we are going to focus on international organisations and their aims. We are then going to focus on the topic of globalisation and what this means for Britain and its place in the world.

8. Campaigning and Activism:

Campaigning and activism is how you attempt to make a sustained change. This can be a huge political change or a small local change. In this lesson, we are going to run through the different ways you can campaign, lobby and create change!

9. Public speaking and Presenting

The word public speaking sends a shiver of dread through a lot of people. However, in this lesson, we want to change that. Learn clear and easy techniques that will help you in your presentation and public speaking skills. Master the skill of confidence and allow your voice to be heard!

The World Is Shaped By Those Who Understand Politics. Take Ownership Of Your Collective Destiny and Become Politically Literate.

Real Change Starts With Political Literacy
Real Change Starts With Political Literacy

Political Literacy, Employability, and Life Skills Breakdown


You will learn effective spoken communication, including the ability to express your ideas and views clearly, concisely and confidently. At the end of the course you will be able to tailor your verbal and written content and style to different types of audience.

Persuading, Influencing and Negotiation

The course adopts a practical approach to teaching these skills. You will learn how journalists persuade and influence their audience members, by getting a chance to write your own journalistic piece. Throughout the course, there will be multiple opportunities to work on your negotiating skills through formal and informal debates.

Public Speaking

Many employers place a premium value on public speaking skills. The ability to easily communicate your ideas in a professional context is important for most jobs. In this course you will learn how to accurately read an audience, how to articulate and convey your ideas in an easily-understood manner and how to create an engaging presentation style that captures and maintains any audience’s attention.

Improvement in Media Literacy:

This course will enhance your understanding of the media landscape. By the end of it, you will have learnt our exclusive 7-step process on combatting fake news, bias, misinofrmation and disinformation campaigns.

Conflict resolution and mediation

Politics has caused society to become increasingly polarised. This course will teach you how to handle difficult situations, so that they become more positive. This is a valuable skill, both for personal disagreements and in a  professional context. 

Emotional Resilience:

Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. In this course you will develop your emotional awareness, perseverance in working towards a goal (personal or professional) and the ability to look at topics and situations through a different perspective. 

Building Confidence:

We will work on building your self-confidence in your knowledge on current affairs, and learn how to effectively self-manage your emotions. The ultimate aim is to help you find your voice in all areas of life. 

Improvement in Political Literacy:

The Course will enhance your understanding of local and national politics. At the end of it, you will have gained a clear understanding of how to engage with civic society, as well as the tools necessary to become active in our democracy.

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