Shout Out UK is a multi-award winning independent youth news network that, via journalism, film, events and education, connects one of the largest networks of intelligent, adventurous and career-driven young people, spanning across the world, with the aim of getting them more active and interested in politics.

Young people are often sidelined in mainstream politics and the media; not having a platform to voice their ideas, interests and frustrations. This coupled with a lack of political literacy ultimately breeds apathy.

We, Shout Out UK, are spearheading a nationwide movement to show that the voice of the next generation is powerful, important and relevant. Via our multi-media approach, we aim to give young people a platform to shout out and be heard; as well as the tools and information needed to be involved in politics.

Since our launch in 2014, we have become Britain’s fastest growing independent youth news & media platform with a readership of almost 1 million per month. Our aim is simple: to provide a global collective voice for the next generation.


  • Outstanding Contribution Award for Political Literacy of 2016, Awarded by EEWB
  • Harrow Business Den Winner of 2016, Awarded by Harrow Council.
  • Youth Friendly Micro-Business of 2014, Awarded by Youth Employment UK.


Journalism & Multimedia Production

Shout Out UK’s website is based on edited user-generated content. Our in-house editors check spelling, grammar and fact. We are politically neutral and work on a strict Freedom of Speech principle. Articles, videos and other multi-media content is published on a daily basis.

In addition, Shout Out UK also produce high-quality visual and graphic content that aims to show all kinds of social and political issues in an entertaining and engaging fashion. We have, independently, produced two short films; Anonymous: A Million Men (2015) and One in a Million (2016) – as well as worked with a host of organisations on different video projects, including the University of Sheffield, the ESRC and Channel 4 News.

On the 28th April 2015, Shout Out UK collaborated with Channel 4 and ITN Productions to launch Britain’s first ever Youth Leaders’ Debate. After 10 minutes of the programme going live, the #YouthLeaders was trending top 6 on Twitter (UK).

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We run events on a variety of issues; and in many different forms. Our flexible and creative nature allows us to turn even the most grey of issues into something interesting, entertaining and accessible to young people. We have previously hosted events at Parliament revolving around Brexit, Political Literacy, Democracy and Capitalism.

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Our Political Literacy Course, supported by an award from AQA, teaches politics in a way never seen before. The Course covers an Introduction to British Politics, International Relations (Britain and the World) and finally Employability and Politics; which covers public speaking, debating and presentation skills. In essence, showing young people that politics is in everything we do in life – so it pays to be involved. The Course heavily emphasises the teaching of ‘People Skills’: the art of verbal communication.

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