About The Editor

Hi there! I’m Diana, the Editor for Shout Out UK and if you think you have an interesting idea for an article, on a topic that’s unusual or simply hasn’t been covered by the mainstream press, then tell me about it!

I’m interested in hearing a fresh, dynamic voice that doesn’t shy away from difficult issues and can write thoughtful, analysis-driven yet entertaining articles.

Do you have a brilliant idea that you’re just dying to write about? Or maybe you have a distinctive angle on a certain topic which you feel needs to be heard? Then you should pitch to me.

Do You Have An Article Idea? We want to hear from you!

What is a pitch?

A pitch is a short, written summary of your main idea. It should be clear, well thought out, with your main idea and argument given in a nutshell. Your idea needs to immediately grab my attention, so always start by giving me the preliminary title; eg., ‘Marvel’s Wonder Woman is Nothing but a Cliché’.

Then, present your idea in no more than one or two sentences, telling me how you intend to approach the argument/issue and your unique angle/opinion.

That’s it!

Do SOUK writers get paid?

As if the opportunity to get your work published wasn’t enough, we’ll also cross your palm with a little bit of silver. We can’t pay you much, but we should more than cover the cost of all the coffees you’ll drink as you pen your piece. Also, not that we’re bragging, but unlike other youth publications who only offer ‘exposure’, we believe in monetary recognition of a job well done. So get pitching!

What else do I need to know?

What we Want

We love our politics, but not when it’s served up as a cold dish. In fact, we’re looking to apply political discourse to a wide variety of issues and topics. These can be societal, cultural, artistic, historical and entertainment-related.

But politics is not all we’re keen on.

We want to hear about you and your ideas, thoughts and experiences of living, studying and working as a young person.

How has the pandemic affected you? What’s making you angry or anxious? Is the 21st Century disappointing, thrilling or neither?

Particular Areas of Interest:

  • Trending topics on Google.
  • Film /TV, Music and the Arts.
  • New trends in Society and Culture.
  • Political opinion.

YES Please!

  • Entertaining/Provocative/Smart/Informative articles.
  • Researched features with original angles and alternative analysis on topics circulating in the media.
  • Sleuth pieces that do a bit of detective work and spot interesting facts/information/stories.

NO Thanks!

  • Poetry or creative fiction.
  • News stories recycled from the mainstream press (unless you have a unique spin on it).
  • Abusive/prejudiced tirades.
  • Poorly-written pieces (i.e., non-proficient English, incomplete thoughts, unresearched/misquoted statements and facts etc.)

Examples of a good Pitch:

‘Black Lives Matter – As long as they’re wealthy’

A look at how police brutality in America mainly applies to poor and working-class black Americans, but not so much to the privileged and wealthy.

Cases: R. Kelly, 50 Cent, Wesley Snipes – all had run-ins with the law but none have ended up dead from a chokehold.

Argument: Social status doesn’t fully explain police behaviour, but it likely acts as a constraint when it comes to exercising police brutality.

Our Style Guide

  • UK not US English (e.g., Colour not Color).
  • Confident, conversational, informed articles.
  • Excellent spelling and grammar.
  • Active rather than passive sentences (Example).
  • Use the present tense where possible.
  • Avoid repetition, clichéd phraseology and report or essay-style language.

Note for Writers!

  • Articles that fail to meet the above criteria will be removed without notice.
  • TS pieces will usually be published within two weeks of submission.
  • Non-TS pieces will normally be published within four weeks of submission.
  • If in doubt, always contact the Editor.

Article Guidelines

  • Short, humorous, informative or fake-news-spotting ‘sleuth’ pieces: 300-600 words.
  • Standard opinion piece: 800-1000 words.
  • Interviews, Investigative pieces and Focus Features 1000-2000 words.
  • Before writing/submitting, check the Website & Pending section when logging into your writer account to make sure your article isn’t a replica of another one already published or submitted.
  • Always hyperlink to the original source when using quotes or referencing numbers, statistics and facts.
  • Do not insert images – check with the Editor first.
  • TS is for time-sensitive pieces. If your article has a short lifespan, add TS into the heading box in front of your chosen headline.

Article Sources

Where are you getting your information from?

  • Primary Sources (the best): Academic Journals, Official Reports, Primary Research Websites such as StatistaFullFactYougov etc.
  • Secondary Sources (should be used in conjunction with primary source): Other Media Publications, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook etc).

To Upload Articles

Once you are accepted for your first article, you will get a writer’s account, to upload further articles, follow these steps:

1. Click on Member’s Login at the top of the website.

2. Once logged in or signed up, using your secure username and password, click on Posts.

3. Click on Add New.

4. Write or copy and paste your article onto the main post section – place the title at the top in the separate white box.

5. Add only from the existing tags and categories – if unsure leave blank and the editor will deal with them.

6. Set the article to Pending for review, and voila, you’re Done!


Once your article is pending or scheduled, DO NOT edit it!!


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