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Greetings Writers! I’m Diana, Editor at SOUK.

Do you have an interesting take on a particular story or an idea for something new? Then pitch to through our online form below.

I’m looking for a lively voice, great style and dynamic, analysis-driven articles that examine all sides of the debate while putting forward a distinctive viewpoint.

Do You Have An Article Idea You Want To Pitch?

What’s a pitch?

A pitch is a short, written summary of your main idea. It should present your argument and supporting sources in a nutshell.

Your idea needs to immediately grab my attention, so begin with a strong title, e.g: ‘Why Can’t’ Bond be Black?’.

Then, explain your original angle in no more than 150 words.

That’s it!

Will I be paid?

SOUK believes in rewarding writers for their time and work. Articles that show skill, flair and depth will be commissioned.

What we’re Looking For

We love our politics, but not when it’s served up as a cold dish. In fact, politics is not all we’re keen on.

We want to hear from you.

What’s on your mind?


  • Popular culture
  • Political op-eds
  • Trends on Google and social media

YES Please!

  • Entertaining/provocative think-pieces
  • Features with original angles
  • Investigative stories

NO Thanks!

  • Poetry/creative fiction
  • News stories recycled from the mainstream press
  • Abusive/poorly informed blog-style rants

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